Receive Your Permanent Residency For Alberta, CA Today With Easy Application

Jan 21, 2022

Electo Immigration & Citizenship Services (416-645-9469) are trusted immigration lawyers for permanent residency visas for Alberta, CA. We help you find the right program for your needs.

Receive Your Permanent Residency For Alberta, CA Today With Easy Application

Are you looking for a permanent residency visa for Alberta, Canada? The beautiful province is known for its scenic landscapes and family-friendly communities – making it a perfect place for you and your family to start a new life!

Let us help you.

In a recent report from RBC Economics, financial experts project higher commodity prices in Alberta’s energy sector, causing a massive need for more workers in the industry. As the province’s oil-and-gas market continues to grow, we at Electo Immigration & Citizenship Services have updated our packages so that more qualified professionals from around the world can permanently reside in Canada.

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We’ve strengthened our Canadian permanent residency programs to meet the demands of various companies in Alberta, particularly in the energy sector. You simply need a minimum investment of 100,000 CAD and be a graduate of a relevant degree program within the last 10 years.

Still unsure if you qualify? Contact us today so that we can look through all available programs! We pledge that we will work on your case with responsiveness, attention to detail, and dedication to the application. Be assured by our 3-day response time guarantee.

Alberta is considered to be one of the highest-rated provinces in Canada, with its natural beauty, vast forests, and the Rocky Mountains. It enjoys one of the lowest crime rates in the country.

Why Choose Us – Aside From Being The Best?

Electo Immigration & Citizenship Services differentiates itself from the rest with our unique client-centered business model. We believe that all applicants are qualified applicants and work with our clients to see which program is best suitable for them and their families.

We use a simple four-step process to get you approved for your permanent or temporary residency visas. The first is assessment, which determines the most appropriate pathway for your objectives. The second is a consultation which allows us to discuss all the subtleties involved in either pathway. Next is the decision, in which you choose which pathway to pursue. Lastly is submission, where we prepare a strong application for the Canadian government.

Currently, there is a demand for engineers in Alberta, but other professions are welcome to apply. Those still unsure of which visa to choose can call us or email us for further clarification.

What are you waiting for? Your new life awaits you! Contact Electo today. 

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