Real eco-wedding: tips for the Big Day!

May 27, 2021

Plan your eco-friendly wedding in Hungary find your ideal locations on!

In the spirit of love, protection and recycling, more and more couples are organizing eco-weddings around the world. The special “green wedding” trend started in America more than 10 years ago and now has a huge fan base. There are more and more followers in Hungary as well. At eco-weddings, the experience is no less, in fact! Although it requires a completely different preparation than a traditional wedding - with some great ideas - you can really personalize the wedding and the lagzi that follows. Invitation If you are planning an eco-conscious wedding, it is essential that the invitation is made from recycled paper. You can already choose from the more beautiful products in many colors, sizes and shapes. Moreover, it is becoming more and more fashionable for an eco-friendly couple to invite guests to the big day via email. So there is no need for paper at all. It’s a great idea to make an animation or a short film showing the important stages of your relationship, from getting to know each other to the big day. So, in addition, you can save a lot of money, because editing and executing invitations is a serious expense. You can also create fabulous invitations from textile scraps and raffia. Eco-friendly venues Most green weddings and lagoons take place outdoors in a dreamlike setting. Be creative, feel free to choose a fairytale arboretum, forest, lakeside as the venue for the big event. They could also choose a hotel or restaurant that pays attention to environmental awareness. Organize everything in one place or very close to each other so the car convoy doesn’t pollute the air either. If you can, provide LED or solar lighting. Decoration Strive for simplicity! Stones and shell shells collected during a beach vacation can be a great alternative for decoration. Although it is almost impossible to give up a flower wherever you can, choose potted plants. You can plant them later, or the wedding crowd can receive them as a thank you. A bridal bouquet made of wildflowers or sunflowers can be very appealing. You can also create amazing decorations from simple candles. You can toss the mason jars with a little imagination and they can serve as a vase, a candlestick. Skillfully, creatively recycled newspapers allow for an elegant and unique look. Wedding Dress You can also shine as an macaw princess on the very day if environmental awareness is important to her. Try to find a company, a fashion designer, that makes eco-friendly clothes. Clothes made of cotton, linen, silk, hemp seem to be the perfect choice instead of highly bleached, hardened clothes. You can make an existing casual dress or suit festive. Moreover, the young macaw can say a blissful yes in her mother’s or grandmother’s wedding dress. Other important things For an eco-wedding, forget about fireworks and ballooning, but a cool program is to plant trees together at midnight. Use a carriage, bicycle or rickshaw instead of a car. Obtain most of the raw materials needed for food from organic farms and primary producers. Choose a patisserie where the wedding cake and cakes are decorated with natural ingredients. And you can take the rest at the end of the lag to those in need. If you pack a cookie, choose a recycled paper box. Also think about selective garbage collection throughout the event. With a little care and planning, you could organize a truly eco-friendly wedding, and everyone is guaranteed to feel good on one of the most important days of your life.

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