Read The Guide Comparing Ramp and Divvy To Get The Best Expense Reporting Tool

Aug 31, 2021

Looking for a professional expense reporting platform to track your employee expenditures? Visit Kyber Digital online today to read their new guide comparing top expense reporting systems Divvy and Ramp!

Never allow errors in your internal expense reporting methods to slow down your business goals – read the online report from Kyber Digital comparing Divvy and Ramp to find out which system will best allow you to track your company finances!

The new report highlights the two platforms at the cutting edge of expense reporting, with each one showcasing unique features that can support your company. It recognizes that due to running your day-to-day business operations, you may lack the time and specialist expertise to effectively track your own expenses.

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In their latest guide, Kyber Digital assure you that paying to outsource your expense reporting system can help you save money in the long term by eliminating wasteful spending and allowing you to have greater control over your outgoings. 

Since different organizations require different system styles, the marketing agency have provided detailed information on the critical aspects of these platforms so that you can make the best decision possible for you. 

For example, the report indicates that Divvy offers you smart card technology and a modern software platform designed to simplify expense reporting. Granting a personal expense card for each of your employees, Divvy makes it easy for you to issue reimbursements and spending receipts. 

You can select a budget and credit limit for your system, which you can monitor through the expert platform. Expenditures are all submitted to one cloud where they can be tracked. One of the main benefits of using Divvy, the report suggests, is that it is free to use and they guarantee to have absolutely no hidden fees or costs, no matter the size of your company. 

In addition to listing the main features and benefits of Divvy, the Kyber Digital report highlights some common issues you may have with the software. These drawbacks include the fact that the platform is still in development, meaning that some interfacing issues are yet to be resolved. They recommend Divvy for you if you have between 1 and 1000 employees. 

Ramp similarly provides its users with a corporate card that enables you to track and manage your finances. The spending management platform enables you to integrate your receipts and savings into your accounting systems. 

The tech experts Kyber Digital conclude that the unique aspects of Ramp are that it offers you multi-currency reporting, spending controls, and supplier management options. However, unlike Divvy, Ramp charges you incremental prices for each tier, based on which features you may need. 

From their free ‘Essential’ option to their ‘Enterprise’ tier, which provides quarterly spend audits and a dedicated account manager, Ramp allows you to streamline your expense reporting no matter the size of your company. In addition to their comprehensive software report, Kyber Digital have also broken down key features, benefits, prices, and drawbacks into a helpful grid which you can view on their platform. 

The marketing agency specializes in supporting B2B companies and empowering you to continually adapt your operations to stay ahead of the market, no matter your industry.

Kyber Digital offer free guides to choosing the right business tech for your needs – visit them online today to read their latest publication, ‘Expense Reporting for Companies: Divvy vs. Ramp’!

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