Read Expert Guide On B2B Marketing Best Practices For Construction Contractors

Sep 16, 2021

Discover how you can integrate outbound sales methodologies into your business-to-business strategy via this expert guide by Philadelphia-based marketing agency Kyber Digital.

Finding it difficult to reach key decision-makers in the companies you would like to work with?

The new guide recognizes that focusing on sales is vital to the survival of any business. It also acknowledged the difficulty most one-person contracting companies like yours face—and how outbound sales techniques can revitalize your marketing efforts.

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In its latest report, Kyber Digital assures you that promoting your contracting firm can be a straightforward affair, especially with clear roadmaps and strategies. 

To begin with, the guide stated that contractors offering their services to other businesses should use an account-based marketing approach instead of consumer-focused lead generation tactics. This method helps streamline your efforts and ensures you can target companies more effectively.

Explaining how this outbound sales strategy works, Kyber Digital recommends that you create a plan that outlines specific goals you want to achieve. 

Next, you should take the time to identify the type of client or company you would like to work with daily—and the specific problems your firm can help this client solve. 

Providing further details, the report recommends implementing a rating system that allows you to classify and qualify prospective clients, allowing you to allocate resources more efficiently on accounts that are most likely to convert.

An often neglected aspect of the account-based approach highlighted in the guide is client management, which involves a series of relationship-building tactics.

Inside the report, you will find specific strategies that explain how you can use different channels to nurture these relationships and continuously educate prospects on your services.

If you ever feel overwhelmed with all the tasks required to gain new clients consistently, the guide recommends enlisting the services of professional business growth consultants like the team at Kyber Digital.

Kyber Digital is a marketing agency specializing in helping construction contractors leverage the internet to grow their businesses. They offer a range of bespoke services, including online advertising, social media marketing, PPC, and others.

A company spokesperson said: “Outbound sales to other businesses as a contractor can be tiresome and confusing. We hope that our new guide will provide you with the basis on how to build your outbound marketing campaigns.”

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