Rats And Mice Infestation During Cooler Months Expected On The Gold Coast

May 18, 2017

Prepare for an invasion of rats and mice during the cooler months warns Local Pest Controller Gold Coast – Bug Squad. These can do serious damage to your property, let alone the health risk associated with them.

Gold Coast Houses Are Exposed To Property Damage By Rats and Mice.

The last thing a home owner wants to find is the property has been damaged in some way by a pest. All pest infestations can cause issues and be difficult to get rid of, however rats can pose serious health issues and cause significant and costly damage to building structures.

When confronted by the reality of having rats in and around their properties, the facts for property owners can be disturbing. They can:

Cause serious damage to electrical wires and cabling, creating a fire hazard. Eat their way through the property’s insulation. Damage and undermine walls and floors. Cause structural damage to the areas surrounding a property, including fences, retaining walls and landscaping features.


Apart from the physical damage rats can inflict on homes or business, they are also known disease carriers. This can pose a serious threat to anyone in the vicinity of the affected area, including family, pets, employees and visitors to the property.

The common diseases associated with rats include:

Salmonellosis, which is a type of poisoning from eating or drinking food or water contaminated with rat feces. A bacterial disease called leptospirosis, which can develop in anyone in close contact with water infected by rats. A dangerous viral disease called Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome which can be caused by either being bitten by a rat, coming into contact with rat urine or feces, or breathing in the dust and detritus that has been contaminated by rats.

Rats breed so quickly one or two in the area can quickly turn into a family, and then an infestation. This is a serious health risk as many of the diseases they carry are easily transmittable, and there is also the added issue of rats bringing with them a range of other pests such as fleas and ticks.

A healthy and safe property is a property without pests.


As soon as people hear about the very real dangers of rats, they generally want to know the ways to check if they have a rat issue in and around their property. It is important to conduct regular inspections for rat control purposes, and to give peace of mind that the building as well as people and pets will be safe.

Rats are not always easy to spot, and it is unlikely to be able to see them during the day as they are nocturnal. The best idea is to look instead for evidence of rats. This can take the form of:

Structural damage inflicted on the property or its contents. Look for eaten skirting boards or frayed electrical cables, damaged insulation and torn packages of food in the kitchen. Rat droppings. These look like dark brown grains of rice, and can be found anywhere that they are active. Burrows and nesting areas in and around the property. These will be generally well hidden but close to a source of food such as garbage or a compost bin. Rat paw prints.It is very difficult to be able to spot rat paw prints, however it can become easier if the area is dusty or if talcum powder has been sprinkled down beforehand to catch the pests in action. This can work wonders if an entrance to a nest or burrow has been found and to find out if it is active.Rat sounds such as scratching. Listen for unusual sounds of scratching in the walls or ceiling? Or while in the garden, watch out for that something scurrying about under the veranda or deck? Chances are that’s caused by rats.

With any signs of rat activity in or around the home or business, it’s critical to contact the professionals as soon as possible to manage the issue.

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