1 in 3 Gold Coast Homes Can Expect To Be Invaded By Termites or Rodents After The Floods From Cyclone Debbie

Apr 15, 2017

Termites & Rodents are expected to have invaded 1 in 3 homes on the Gold Coast after the floods caused by Cyclone Debbie. Termites can cause structural damage to your home within a month. Contact your local pest controller Gold Coast for an inspection now.


Local Pest Controller Gold Coast reveals that 1 in 3 homes can expect to be invaded by termites or rodents after the floods caused by Cyclone Debbie.

A huge number of termites and rodents would have been forced to move their normal residence in the Gold Coast area, to escape their flooded nests.

Termite colonies can have over 3 million termites. Termite nests consist of 3 different groups - Soldiers, Workers, and Breeders. Believe it or not, termites do have a purpose. Termites break down plant debris and dead decaying trees into new soil. They are vital to the health of forests, but definitely not wanted in houses.

Termites eat wood, wallpaper, plants and some plastics or fabrics. Subterranean termites live underground so they need soil to survive. They live underground in large nests and colonies and make mud tunnels to access all areas from food sources to nests.

Here are some simple facts about termites.

Termites can do structural damage to a home within 3 months. Termites can destroy large living trees. Termite queens can lay over 3,000 eggs per day. Termites work 24 hours per day and never sleep.

Termite Myths. Over the years there have been many great myths about termites that some people actually believe. Let’s uncover some of those myths about termites.

Termites don’t eat brick homes.

Wrong. Termites will access the inner wall linings of the home through the inside areas of the slab. They also eat plasterboard linings and plastic wiring.

Termites don’t like hardwood.

Wrong. Termites love hardwood. In fact the most common termite found on the Gold Coast is the Schedorhinotermes-spp. These termites love hardwood.

Termites aren't found if there are ants around.

Wrong. Even though ants are the main enemy to the termite, ants generally can’t get to where the termites are to eat them. Termites travel underground in mud tunnels. When termites are above ground, they build their own mud tunnels to safely move around. They are basically invisible to the ants. So the only way termites will be eaten by ants is if the nest or mud tubes are broken, allowing gaps for ants to attack them. Make sure to check the property for signs of termites, especially after the recent rain.

Millions of termites would have shifted residence in the past couple of weeks, affecting a lot more homes on the Gold Coast.

A person’s house is generally their most valuable asset. Don’t risk a termite invasion. It could cost thousands of dollars.

Contact a professional for an inspection to get “peace of mind”.

A huge amount of cockroaches, spiders, ants and rodents would have also shifted their place of residence after the rain. Therefore, a sudden influx of these pests in and around homes would definitely have occurred.

Contact a professional pest controller now, before these pests take up permanent residence in homes. While attending to the general household pests, the controller will be able to inspect for termites at the same time, therefore saving even more money.

Jamie, from Bug Squad, is the local Pest Controller on the Gold Coast who is not only honest, reliable and a perfectionist who is passionate about customer service. His main motto is “Get it done right, the first time”.

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