Raleigh, NC Property Brokerage Looking For New Crop Of Real Estate Agents

Oct 19, 2021

Raleigh, NC residents who wish to train as real estate agents should sign up for CB Styers Realty’s recruitment drive.

Have you always dream of becoming a successful realtor? This brokerage can make that dream come true!

With CB Styers Realty’s newly revamped recruitment drive, you can be part of its next generation of high-performing agents. If chosen, you will be given hands-on training and you will learn all aspects of real estate transactions. 

Learn more by visiting https://caseystyers.exprealty.com/ask/bd8a1e1f59d45ee94eacfbbb79b208a2

This upgraded program is also ideal if you are an early-career agent who wishes to enhance your knowledge and get valuable mentorship. CB Styers Realty has closed over $2 million in sales and is affiliated with the respected brokerage EXP Realty.

North Carolina’s property market has seen impressive growth over the last two years, thanks in part to the high demand for housing spurred by the current pandemic. As such, it is an opportune time to get into real estate as growing home prices mean you can potentially receive generous commissions. 

CB Styers Realty offers rigorous training that allows you to take advantage of the strong market. The agency fosters a culture of excellence that empowers you to handle even the most complex deals. 

You will learn the steps to buying and selling homes, as well as the legal underpinnings of real estate transactions. Other key lessons include prospecting for leads, negotiating prices, and servicing clients, giving you well-rounded training. 

Classes will also spotlight so-called “fixer-uppers” and distressed homes — property types that CB Styers Realty specializes in. Sessions will be delivered through a combination of in-person and virtual gatherings.

If you want to join the program, you can send your application online. You simply need to fill out a short form that will ask for your email and mobile number, after which a representative of the property agency will contact you.

CB Styers Realty consistently ranks among the top-producing real estate agencies in North Carolina’s Research Triangle region. Aside from Raleigh, it caters to clients in nearby communities like Durham, Chapel Hill, Wilmington, and Charlotte.

A spokesperson says: “We are thrilled to open this opportunity to aspiring agents who wish to embark on an exciting career in real estate. It is our goal to hone the chosen candidates’ skills so they will become trusted property experts.”

What are you waiting for? Apply to CB Styers Realty today!

Simply visit https://caseystyers.exprealty.com/ask/bd8a1e1f59d45ee94eacfbbb79b208a2 if you need further details.

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