Rainbow Network Expands Notary and Wedding Officiant Services Across Florida

May 11, 2021

If you’re looking for a mobile notary or wedding officiant in Florida, Nuptials Wedding Officiants Network is the place to go. These professionals are available all across the state and always ready to serve your needs. Give them a call today!

Rainbow Notary & Nuptials Nuptials Wedding Officiants Network, a network of online notaries and mobile notaries who can also officiate wedding services and nuptials, announced greater availability of notary and wedding officiant services across the state of Florida. Based in Jacksonville, FL, the network helps Florida residents across the state with their notarization needs. Additionally, in Florida, licensed notaries can also perform weddings. 

More information can be found at https://rainbownotariesandnuptials.com.

Rainbow Online Notaries are able to perform notary services online through provisions in the Secure Notarization Act. With contact-free options becoming more common in everyday life, the need for notarizing official documents is still critical to business. Whether it’s for facilitating real estate closings, mortgage signings, and title companies, online notarization services fill a growing need to be able to authenticate documents and signing. Rainbow is able to provide human connection and engagement, and provide a seamless yet secure experience without having to meet in person and handle physical documents.

While online notaries can avoid in-person interactions, sometimes there is a need for physical documents to be notarized. These cases are perfect for mobile notary services. Rainbow Mobile Notaries are able to travel within their area to notarize all kinds of documents and purposes. These include, but are not limited to, the following: Acknowledgments, Jurats, Apostille Authentication / Legalization, Affidavits, sworn statements, Deposition Oaths, Power of Attorney (POA), Self-Proving Will, Codicil, Living Wills, Advanced Health Care Directives, Attested (“certified”) Photocopies, City / County Permitting Affidavits, Financial / Bank / Insurance Forms, Federal / State / County / Local Forms, Prenuptial / Premarital, Divorce / Adoption, Trusts / Estates, Loyalty Oaths, Certifications / Verifications / Applications, Personal or Handwritten Letters, Claim of Liens / Payoffs, Liability Waivers and Permissions, Legal Settlements and Agreements, VIN Verification, and certify safe-deposit box contents. Rainbow has a network of mobile notaries across the state of Florida.

In several states, including Florida, notaries may also officiate marriages. This is also known as functioning as a wedding officiant, in order to make a marriage official, legally. Rainbow Nuptials and Wedding Officiants complete marriage licenses by performing the wedding ceremony, witnessing both wedding parties giving their deliberate consent to the marriage, and signing the marriage license. By completing the marriage license, the couple is legally married and can enjoy the legal rights and privileges of marriage. While people think about marriage vows as being the point of a wedding, it’s completing the marriage license that actually creates the legal marriage contract.

Besides performing wedding nuptials throughout Florida, wedding officiants also verify that the marriage license is completed correctly and properly filed with the State of Florida and the Clerk of the Court. Officiants also write and perform nuptial ceremonies, organize the wedding party, and lead wedding rehearsals. Rainbow wedding officiants provide consultations to couples looking to get married, and can provide answers to common questions about wedding nuptials.

One of the things that differentiates Rainbow Mobile Notaries and Nuptials Wedding Officiants Network is strong support of the LGBTQ community. Rainbow notaries and wedding officiants believe in love across all religions, ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientation, and religions. Even though many couples do choose a religious ceremony, there is no requirement for a wedding to be religious. Judges and wedding officiants are able to perform wedding ceremonies which are just as legal as a wedding in a church. Many people find this type of wedding nuptials ceremony less restrictive. By choosing a wedding officiant from the Rainbow network, couples can be certain of acceptance, warmth, and an officiant who takes joy in seeing a couple in love joined together. Several members of the network are also ordained in the Universal Life Church and can perform weddings, house blessings, and funerals.

Interested parties can find more by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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