Quirky Bath Bombs & Body Care Gifts For 2023 Galentine’s Day: Unique Ideas

Dec 5, 2022

With Galentine’s Day fast approaching, GetBullish is providing a fun range of body care products that make great gifts for your bestie.

Quirky Bath Bombs & Body Care Gifts For 2023 Galentine's Day: Unique Ideas

It's not often you get to show your female friends how much they mean to you. But Galentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to do just that. Not sure what to get them? Look no further than GetBullish.

Their range features many pamper products, such as bath bombs, sheet masks, lip balms and soaps. They're designed to encourage women to relax, look after themselves, and find time for pampering. The products are presented in colorful packages that feature loud patterns and designs. In other words: They're a real treat and your BFF will love them.

Go to https://shop.getbullish.com/collections/body for more info.

Many of the items in the collection have been hand-made in the United States and are vegan and cruelty-free. Got pals with sensitive skin? Don't worry. Some of the products contain natural ingredients, such as sweet almond oil, coconut oil, and vitamin e - all of which are nourishing.

You'll find many body care products such as scented bath bombs in the range. These include unconventional scents such as charcoal and mulled wine. Each bath bomb has been formulated to quickly dissolve and provide a bubbly bath.

In addition, the range features many novelty sheet masks. Sheet masks are cloth-based skincare treatments that offer moisturizing benefits and give the skin a smooth and radiant appearance.

You can choose between the H20 Hydrating, Pinky Promise Rejuvenating and Light My Night Illuminating masks. Other varieties include Everyday Pearl Brightening, Soothe Me Tea Tree Blemish Clearing, and Garden Chamomile Flower.

Items in the collection start at $1. Orders are delivered within one to two business days and complimentary shipping is available on orders over $50.

A spokesperson for the company says, “This body care collection includes all the things you need to make your body feel smooth and smell great. From lip balms, and novelty eye masks, to rock soap, nail polish and hand sanitizers, the range is extremely giftable and sure to put a smile on the recipient’s face. Every item has been created to provide a luxurious, pampered feeling for busy women who need it the most.”

About The Company

GetBullish is an online store that provides novelty gifts for women. As well as body care items, they also sell clothing, accessories, and homeware that reflect the modern woman. Some of their bestsellers include the emotional baggage tote bag and the ‘woman of leisure’ wine glass.

Your gal pals are there for you through thick and thin and they deserve to know how much they mean to you.

Want to show your bestie how much you care? Head to https://shop.getbullish.com and the URL above to stock up now.

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