PureAir 500 Photocatalytic Air Purifier Reduces COVID Spread In New Orleans

Jul 23, 2021

As we experience an increase in Coronavirus cases in Lousiana we ought to look at the Best Air Purifiers to eliminate viruses.

The Season of Summer has brought with it a spike in cases of COVID. That’s why we are launching our new product, the PureAir 500. This photocatalytic air purifier can eliminate COVID and all sorts of other pathogens that cause disease or sickness. It is specially designed to be used in small offices, school classrooms, and daycare centers where there may not be enough space for a traditional filter-based system. With this device, you will have peace of mind knowing your workplace or home is safe from the spread of COVID- which will allow everyone to stay healthy and productive!

How Does This Photocatalytic Air Purifier Work?

The PureAir 500 is a photocatalytic air purifier that works in two different ways. First, it contains titanium dioxide powder as well as UV-C LEDs (which are most effective against virus particles).

The TiO2 is highly porous and releases oxygen when exposed to photons which give off ultraviolet light. The UV-C then creates reactive oxygen species such as superoxide and hydroxyl radicals which in turn oxidize the viruses. The UV-C LEDs have a life expectancy of 10,000 hours or more.

The second method that the PureAir 500 utilizes is by using negative ions to actively destroy viruses in the air. It does this by sucking the air into an ion generator, then with a high-voltage corona discharge, it releases ions to actively hunt down and destroy virus particles.

How Does This Photocatalytic Air Purifier Eliminate Viruses?

The QAI PureAir 500 is most effective against particulate matter as well as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, ammonia and many other airborne contaminants.

Its effectiveness against harmful viruses is comparable to traditional HEPA filters when it comes to eliminating pathogens such as rhinovirus and influenza virus which have a diameter of 0.1 microns or larger. These viruses are the ones that transmit colds and flu seasonally.

Eagle Eye Resources Also Distributes Air Purifiers For Commercial Spaces.

The Inspired IT 12000 commercial air purifier can help employers and educators working in large facilities protect their workers. Getting back to living an almost normal lifestyle is important, nobody wants to return to a restricted lifestyle. With millions of people still not vaccinated, an air purifier is a viable solution to slow the spread of COVID.

Visit The Air Purifier Page on Eagle Eye Resources website to browse the best air purifiers for COVID. There are a variety of air purifiers for different-sized rooms. The Pureair 500 air purifier is effective for small spaces while the 12000 Inspired IT commercial air purifier is ideal to control COVID in larger facilities.

Visit the Pureair 500 page on the Eagle Eye Resources website. This air purifier is best suited for small rooms (around 10′ x 10′). Its unique UV-C design helps eliminate COVID as well as other harmful pathogens such as rhinovirus that are common in cold and flu season. It truly is the best air purifier for COVID if you are dwelling or working within a smaller facility.

PureAir 500 Photocatalytic Air Purifier Features:

1. Removes 99% of all airborne particulates including viruses, bacteria, and mold spores, as well as dust, pollen, dander, and more.

2. Bulbs last up to 10,000 hours, providing 20 years of use (that’s nearly 18 days per bulb on average). The UV-C light source eliminates COVID and other harmful pathogens that cause colds, the flu, and other sicknesses.

3. The PureAir 500 is a compact photocatalyst air purifier that can fit in almost any small office or classroom setting. It’s perfect to keep yourself safe from COVID as you work!

4. This device has three speeds: high, low, and off; this provides for both more quiet times and full power cleaning when needed.

Photocatalytic Air Purifiers Are A Great Investment Long Term Investment

The PureAir 500 provides protection in the midst of a pandemic, but once everything is in the clear of COVID, it will help improve indoor air quality and thwart the communication of a host of pathogens.

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