Hire The Best New Orleans Home & Commercial Contractor For Design & Construction

Dec 6, 2021

Call Eagle Eye Resources at 1-504-233-3173 for any real estate development project across the state, both residential and commercial. The company maintains in-house architectural, design, and engineering services at your disposal.

Everybody’s got a dream home – and even a fantasy office space. You can think of Eagle Eye as your construction genie. The full-service company is a one-stop magic shop, because they offer all property services under one roof – remodels and additions, custom home builds, commercial building renovation and even facilities management.

Go to https://www.eeresources.biz/home-page to find out more!

The new custom-build services for residential and commercial properties comprise both add-ons – such as custom flooring, countertops, cabinets, fixtures, and appliances – and structural changes, such as larger garages or modified kitchen spaces.

Since the state is well-known for its historic homes, new custom properties are continually being developed that both reflect traditions and often disrupt – or play with – the area’s building heritage. Despite the pandemic and against expectations, Louisiana home sales have increased by almost 35% in 2021 and the average sale price has increased by more than 6%. The housing market is expected to stay robust, driven by the influx of first-time millennial buyers.

Eagle Eye’s design-build full-service construction solution allows the company to handle real estate development, architectural design, and construction as one seamless package. Architects, engineers, and a large and experienced construction crew operate as an integrated unit, providing a singular value proposition to the company’s clients – and one source of accountability.

The company works with both home and commercial clients on custom projects from conception to completion, ensuring that every detail meets Eagle Eye’s high standards of quality, craftsmanship, and originality – per the client’s vision. Furthermore, the firm can remodel, renovate or erect any new commercial facility – and keep it running smoothly and efficiently.

Eagle Eye has been in business since 2013 and has the capabilities to build anything from retail centers, office buildings, hotels, apartments complexes, recreational facilities, and more. The company is positioning itself to be the premier commercial and residential construction company in Louisiana. Today the founder, Mr. Baptiste, is especially interested in community development and revitalization. Two of the homes that Eagle Eye recently renovated have been featured in the Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans.

“Renovation and custom-builds are two sides of the same coin,” said a company spokesperson. “We take the client’s vision, no matter how bold, and turn it into reality – whether it’s a new home or a suite of commercial properties on undeveloped land.”

Who wants a boring old office or a home that looks and feels like everyone else’s? Eagle Eye Resources is your best partner for any renovation, design, and custom build projects!

Go to https://www.eeresources.biz/home-page and – to paraphrase a famous ’70’s sitcom – make all your dreams come true, doing it your way!

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