Providers Of Housing & Products For US Seniors In One Easy-To-Use Search Engine

Sep 2, 2021

All your over-65 needs are now easy to find in any US location with the innovative internet search tool developed by

Are you looking for senior housing, products, or services? Now there’s an all-in-one solution. The nationwide listing for senior living services has launched an expanded range of categories providing you with additional access to service providers in your area.

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As society increasingly becomes centered around digital technology, the recently updated search tool now includes listings for housing, products, services, and social events, confirming the website’s commitment to providing seniors with an all-in-one access point for the internet age.

The US Census Bureau reported 54 million American residents aged 65 or above in July 2019. This was compared to 40.3 million reported only 9 years earlier. However, despite the growing numbers of over-65’s, seniors still fall behind in the uptake and use of technology.

Research conducted by the University of California San Diego in 2019 suggested that frustration and uncertainty cause many seniors to remain reluctant about the use of computers, smartphones, and tablets. was founded in response to the difficulties that many experienced when seeking information about senior housing options. Owing to its success in providing you with an easy-to-use digital tool, the online listing has now grown to encompass a range of other senior-specific search groupings.

Those over the age of 65 have a unique set of needs and the recently added ‘products’ category collates suppliers of medical and hearing goods, vision-related products, and mobility assistance devices. You can also refine your search to find pull-cord equipment, library resources, dental care, and pet-friendly supplies.

The new ‘services’ category includes a wide range of providers who cater specifically to senior requirements such as home living advisors, transportation, in-home health care and visiting doctors, and mobile manicurists.

When you access the updated search tool you can enter the product or service you are looking for along with your location in order to find providers in your area.

A company representative stated: “ is designed to be a reliable resource for honest and highly trusted service providers that specialize in serving the senior community. Our goal is to help you find quality housing, products and service providers, and social places that contribute to improving their quality of life when they need it.”

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