Protect Yourself Against Any Disaster With These Wilderness Survival Kits

Feb 22, 2021

Does the thought of being left stranded by an unexpected disaster or extreme weather event make you anxious for your safety? Check out these ‘bug out’ kits from Weathervane Survival Supplies for emergency preparedness!

Are you worried about what will happen to you and your family if you are hit by an unexpected disaster or freak weather event? Get a ‘bug out’ survival kit from Weathervane Survival Supplies today!

The Florida-based company has released their new range of emergency survival kits so you can be prepared if you are forced to leave your home due to an unexpected disaster.

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The ‘bug out bag’ has been released to provide you with a portable kit containing all the essentials required for you to survive approximately 72 hours in the wilderness.

The rate of pandemics, food shortages, and unpredictable weather events such as floods, hurricanes and earthquakes are set to increase, and people are becoming increasingly aware of the risks to them and their families. Weathervane Survival Supplies have released these new kits to provide you with all you will need in case disaster strikes.

Each ‘bug out’ kit is designed to offer different protection and preparedness for different situations, so you can decide what you would like to include. There are a range of items available such as emergency blankets, tents, sleeping bags, warm clothing and accessories, first-aid kits, and bags to keep it all together.

The company also offers ‘bug in’ kits, in case you are stuck inside your house during power shortages or gas and water cut-offs. These include first-aid kits, sanitation products, and hygiene-related products among other items.

If you are a keen adventurer, the kits are also suitable for those going on long-term wilderness trips, along with food kits with plenty of servings. The food kits are curated for all your needs and include delicious and nutritious content including calorie bars, freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, milk buckets, breakfast kits, and more. All ready-made kits come in well-sealed packaging to prevent the contents from being damaged.

In case of power shortages and when out in the wilderness, solar and electrical items are also available. These include solar cookers, power stations, weather meters, two-way radios, and binoculars, to ensure you are never without power, heat, and fire, and never need to worry about running out of fuel.

Weathervane Survival Supplies take pride in being the first choice and preferred online store for all things camping and emergency preparedness.

A spokesperson for the company said: “disasters take many forms, so it’s always worth having emergency items you need within reach. Survival kits provide everything you need to withstand a disaster.”

Weathervane Survival Supplies are the company you can trust to provide you with all the supplies you will need to protect yourself and your family in case the worst happens.

Are you ready to feel safe and prepared? Click the link above to find out more about Weathervane Survival Supplies and browse the available kits!

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