Protect Your Car Value With These Deluxe Leather Universal Car Seat Covers

May 2, 2020

A new range of deluxe leather highly compatible universal car seat covers designed to prevent accidental damage have been launched by leading online retailer Just Good Stuff Online.

Do you hire a car for vacations? Are you using a company car? Do you want to protect the value of your vehicle? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, this could be the perfect solution.

A leading online retailer, Just Good Stuff Online, has launched a new range of deluxe leather universal car seat covers that are compatible with 2655 vehicles and offer 98% suitability for five-seat cars.

You can view the full range of products at

The newly launched range of car seat protection covers are aimed at families with pets and young children that unintentionally make a mess of car seats, as well as professionals who hire a car for work and need to keep it in good condition.

Additionally, car seat protection covers are an investment for you and drivers who may wish to eventually sell their vehicle as they can enhance the value of the car while saving the costly expense of having to replace upholstery if there is damage.

Many practical features and benefits are offered to you by the deluxe leather car seat protection covers, including the high-quality materials used as part of the design, which are stylish and offer perfect stitching.

A 3D stereotype design has been used to create the seat covers ensuring they fit to the original car seat effectively, which prevents interior inconsistencies and gaps appearing. If you are safety conscious, each cover is wing-backed so it is fully protective, while still ensuring safety features such as airbags work without hindrance.

In case you’re wondering, a unique all-in-one triple retractable split body design makes installation and fitting simple and means the product is suitable for a range of different sized cars on the market. This is a useful feature as many car seat covers are specifically designed with one or two cars in mind.

Installing leather car seat covers ensures the seats remain cool in summer, which is ideal for long commutes and cross-country road trips. The covers will also stay warm in cold weather. They are easy to clean in case there are any accidental spillages or require a refresh. The high-quality zippers aid the easy removal of the covers for a thorough clean and easy re-install.

A happy customer wrote: “I’ve read about the benefits of car seat covers online and decided to buy the deluxe leather covers, which prevented a near miss. My daughter nearly spilt a full bottle of water in the car, which would have cost hundreds – if not thousands – to repair. Fortunately, the new leather car seat covers were easy to clean and dry.”

If you are interested in viewing the range in full, you can do so here

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