Problem-Solving Course For Life Coaches: How To Develop Perspective Skills

Dec 29, 2023

Trying to build a successful coaching business? Researcher and entrepreneur Dr. Steven A. Wright of Macadamia Solutions LLC offers his course “Power of Perspective” to guide coaches in their problem-solving capabilities and improve their understanding of clients’ perspectives.

Ever feel like you’re not asking the right questions in life? Like you’re putting endless energy into doing things that don’t move the needle or following a mindset that gets you nowhere?

Well, you’re not alone. We all get stuck in narrow thinking that prevents us from actualizing our fullest potential. Even those of us whose job it is to help others reach their goals can find ourselves not asking the right questions.

And our clients suffer for it.

But what if you could quickly reframe any problem to reveal new possibilities? That skill could be game-changing for your coaching or consulting practice.

This is the exact problem that serial entrepreneur Dr. Steven A. Wright set out to solve with his “Problem Perspectives: Solve Your Best Problem!” course. Get all the details at

The course provides you with practical tools for building rapport, asking valuable questions, and facilitating transformation with your clients. As a professional consultant or coach, you'll have access to interactive exercises to help your clients achieve long-term goals.

The Power of Perspective in Coaching

The world is in a constant state of change, and coaches must meet evolving needs. Whether in life, career, or relationships, people don’t just want tips and tricks anymore.

They need deep shifts in mindset.

Yet many coaches struggle with resistance to change and narrow thinking in their clients. We cling to comfortable perspectives, unable to see different solutions.

Without the ability to reframe problems, coaches end up solving surface issues over and over. They spin their wheels by giving band-aid fixes rather than diving deep to catalyze meaningful growth.

But with the “Power of Perspective,” you’ll get clients unstuck from limiting views. You’ll guide them to re-envision more impactful problems worth solving.

The result is greater buy-in, richer insights, and more transformative change.

The Core Principles Behind This Course

Macadamia Solutions LLC provides online courses, training programs, and informative content for business professionals, entrepreneurs, product developers, and technology researchers. The “Problem Perspectives" course stems from Dr. Steven A. Wright’s decades of research on information systems and human behavior.

As the CEO of the company, he has over 20 years of experience researching and developing information technologies. His international experience includes negotiations with companies like Alcatel, Fujitsu, and AT&T, resulting in over 50 US patents.

In his work as a researcher and entrepreneur, he discovered a common thread in many negotiations. People reject ideas because of ingrained assumptions from a limited point of view.

Yet taking different perspectives breaks down barriers fast. By walking in someone else’s shoes, you understand them better and expand your thinking.

You’re able to shed biases, see options, and find common truths. The end result is better communication, stronger rapport, and win-win solutions.

The same approach works magic for coaches and consultants. Stepping into clients’ perspectives helps you:

  • Better grasp their decision-making
  • Identify self-limiting beliefs and biases
  • Target the real root causes of mediocre performance
  • Spark “aha’s” to jolt them out of ruts

With a deepened understanding of your client’s inner thinking, you’re equipped for more meaningful dialogue and change.

Course Modules: The Art of Reframing Problems

Structured into digestible video lessons, this course gives you concrete tools to reframe problem statements again and again.

The course lessons cover the art of perspective-taking, a cognitive skill that helps coaches and consultants step into their clients' shoes, see the world through their eyes, and gain insights into their unique experiences.

You’ll master perspective-taking as an actionable skill to improve your coaching and consulting practice.

The lessons include:

  • What’s the Problem Statement?
  • Perspective Positioning
  • Geographic perspectives
  • Temporal perspectives
  • Professional Perspectives
  • Choose your best problem!

The course materials also incorporate nine interactive worksheets for refining problem statements from diverse perspectives.

By repeatedly reframing problems in new ways, you’ll watch creative solutions unfold. You will be able to guide clients to rethink what matters most and achieve their highest goals.

Who Can Benefit from This Course?

This course offers immense value if you work as a:

  • Business or executive coach
  • Life coach or consultant
  • Career coach or mentor
  • Relationship coach
  • Team leadership trainer

It provides universal tools to help your clients gain clarity, alignment, ownership, and personal insight. Applicable across all industries and focus areas, this course elevates any coaching practice.

You’ll facilitate richer conversations that inspire “light bulb moments.” Your clients will be able to get out of stuck places and build momentum towards meaningful results. Learn more at

Become an Expert in Solving Better Problems

In this brilliant course, you will learn how to systematically reframe problems from diverse angles before solving them.

"Using different perspectives when stating problems gives you more options to create meaningful change," said Dr. Steven A. Wright, CEO of Macadamia Solutions LLC. "This course shows how to systematically reframe problem statements to identify and solve more impactful problems."

Stop wasting time on quick fixes that don’t deliver real transformation. Equip yourself to help clients and facilitate breakthroughs.

Claim your spot for the online course Power of Perspective by visiting

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