Preparing Your Roof for Solar Panel Installation

Jun 7, 2023

Bond Roofing has released a post on how to prepare your home for solar panel installation.

Solar panels have become increasingly popular due to their numerous benefits, such as lower electricity costs, environmental friendliness, and potential tax savings. However, before jumping into solar panel installation, there are a few crucial factors to consider. In a post recently released by Bond Roofing, here are some important points that homeowners or businesses should be aware of before installing solar panels on their roofs.

Assess the Condition of The Roof: Before installing solar panels, it's essential to evaluate the age and condition of the roof. If a roof is nearing the end of its useful life or has a shorter life expectancy than solar panels, it is advisable to replace or repair the roof beforehand. Delaying roof maintenance until after solar panel installation can be costly, as the panels will need to be removed and reinstalled.

Consider Roof Load Capacity: Determining a roof's weight-bearing capacity is crucial when planning for solar panel installation. On average, solar panels weigh 2-4 pounds per square foot, which is typically within acceptable limits. However, it's important to consider concentrated loads and potential point loads from the installation. To ensure the roof can handle the additional weight, consult a structural engineer or a solar panel installer before proceeding.

Evaluate Mounting Options: Different roof types require specific flashing and mounting methods. Steep roofs or those with unique coverings like slate or tile may require more intricate and expensive installation techniques. Installers strive to minimize roof penetrations to reduce the risk of leaks. Typically, solar mounts for sloped roofs penetrate the roof and attach to the rafters or purlins. Metal roofs, on the other hand, often use clamps to secure the solar panels to the seams. Flat roofs may utilize weighted racks that sit on top of the roof. Ensure the professional installer is knowledgeable about the specific roof type and has a solid plan for mounting the solar panels securely.

Understand the Impact on Roof Warranty: Adding solar panels to a roof may void a roofing system's warranty, as new penetrations are required for the installation. To mitigate this issue, it's important to discuss warranty concerns with the installer. They should either provide their own warranty or work in collaboration with a third-party roofing company to ensure proper flashing or inspection of the new penetrations.

Installing solar panels on a roof offers numerous benefits, but it's crucial to consider certain factors before making the investment. Assessing a roof's condition, load capacity, mounting options, and the impact on a roof warranty are all vital steps to ensure a successful and cost-effective solar panel installation.

By consulting professionals like the Bond Roofing Team, homeowners can gain valuable insights and make informed decisions about going solar. Embrace the benefits of renewable energy while ensuring the long-term integrity and functionality of their roof. Learn more about what to look for when installing rooftop solar panels.

Bond Roofing serves Raleigh, NC, and its surrounding area with commercial and residential roof installation and repairs. Contact Bond Roofing today to schedule an appointment.

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