Prashant Sakpale Leads Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency’s APAC/ME Business

Mar 1, 2021

Looking for the best in digital marketing to help grow your global strategy? With newly appointed Prashant Sapkale as Regional Sales Director for eBrandz, this award-winning company can help you access the lucrative Asia Pacific/Middle East markets through expert innovation and targeted business development plans.

If you’re doing business in the Asia Pacific and Middle East markets, you know that lucrative opportunities in these regions will be driven by digital innovation. Don’t settle for a sort-of plan when looking to tap these markets. As the competition in these regions heats up, you’ll want the award-winning digital marketing expertise the team at eBrandz offers in order to access and entrench all possible revenue streams.

Digital marketing agency, eBrandz, has just launched their multi-platform search marketing and lead generation services in the Asia Pacific and Middle East markets. The company has appointed Prashant Sapkale to the position of Regional Sales Director to successfully penetrate these new markets and help entrepreneurs like you further drive your global strategy.

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You probably know that consumer behavior in both the Asia Pacific and Middle East markets is evolving to embrace online technology and device-driven information and commerce. Under Sapkale’s direction, eBrandz can assist companies like yours integrate necessary digital components to your overall marketing plan.

Reports indicate that the market for digital commerce in Asia Pacific is expected to increase two-fold to reach more than USD 1.1 trillion by 2022. This means the region will eventually constitute close to two-thirds of the global digital commerce market with at least 40 percent of marketing spend being directed toward digital opportunities.

Activity in Middle Eastern markets is considerably consumer-driven and pragmatic, however, significant smartphone penetration throughout the region has forced companies to adapt traditional marketing activities to meet growing consumer demand for digital services.

With the global health crisis a salient driver of increased digital consumerism, companies ill-equipped to tap online revenue streams risk giving competitive entities access to current core customers and potential new business.

As Regional Sales Director for eBrandz, Sapkale can introduce you to a number of service packages designed to target the needs of your target Asia Pacific and Middle Eastern audiences. The goal is to help you adapt to the digital environment in ways that contribute to your sales and marketing goals, and your overall company objectives.

A satisfied client says “eBrandz white label dashboard is just an amazing platform for agencies like mine who need an easy-to-use dashboard for managing and tracking their clients. The SEO intelligence and API makes it easy to understand how well my clients’ websites are progressing.”

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