Powerlifting Funny Cat Graphic Tees for Gym Lovers From Workout Apparel Brand

Jul 28, 2023

Feline like you need a new gym fit? Iron Savage Apparel’s collection of cat-themed powerlifting graphic tees will meowtivate you to work out!

While you can't bring your beloved pet to the gym with you, this is the next best thing! Wear Iron Savage Apparel’s workout t-shirts to show off your love of cats AND of powerlifting!

The range of gym t-shirts for men and women features graphics of powerlifting and deadlifting cats. Each shirt is printed to order on black, blue, and white cotton tees.

Check out the cat-themed workout gear by visiting https://ironsavageapparel.com/collections/cat-tees

Iron Savage Apparel’s animal series includes classic and oversized fits designed to help you show off your physique. They are made with soft, high-quality materials chosen for comfort and durability. The 100% ring-spun cotton has been pre-shrunk to ensure size consistency after washing and resistance to fading and discoloration.

"Battle-tested by our customers, our tees are known to be durable and able to withstand the rigors of heavy lifting," a spokesperson for the company said.

The feline-themed workout clothes have been designed with gym enthusiasts and cat lovers in mind. The line showcases brown, ginger, tuxedo, grey, tabby, black, and white cats engaged in deadlifting, bench-pressing, and squatting exercises. Additionally, the range includes artwork inspired by ‘squat N’ surf’, ‘reaper’, ‘worthy’, and ‘meh’ cats.

A report from Healthline has revealed how your workout clothing can impact the quality of your gym or exercise session. In a survey of 2,000 regular gym-goers, 90% reported that putting on their exercise clothing was enough to motivate them to work out, with 79% saying that owning good gym clothes is a crucial step in meeting personal fitness goals.

The brand prints its clothing to-order to ensure high quality and graphic consistency. Its complete collection includes skull, food, and strongman series, alongside a range of Iron Savage logo-printed tees.

About Iron Savage Apparel

The exercise clothing printer and retailer creates workout tees featuring positive affirmations, funny designs, and artwork that can inspire you to show off your personal style while you work out. In 2022, Iron Savage Apparel sponsored 5 USPA-sanctioned powerlifting meets, supporting the growing nationwide network of athletes. The fitness clothing brand ships through the UK, EU, US, and Australia. You can visit Iron Savage Apparel’s online store to browse a number of 5-star reviews from satisfied customers.

Iron Savage Apparel has curated a range of unique, workout-inspired graphics tees - stand out from the crowd with a shirt that represents your personality and style!

Unlock your personal gym style by visiting https://ironsavageapparel.com/collections/cat-tees

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