Plano Health Insurance Champion Efforts To Make Healthcare a Human Right.

Dec 21, 2022

Rick Thornton, a Plano health insurance agent, says an increasing number of states could ask voters to decide whether there should be an amendment to declare affordable healthcare as a fundamental right.

Plano Health Insurance Champion Efforts To Make Healthcare a Human Right.

Health insurance in Plano is in the good graces of millions of Americans who want to take advantage of federal subsidies that drive down premiums and make healthcare more affordable than ever. But what if it were a basic human right? While this isn’t a question in Texas, it is for voters in states like Oregon, which could try to be the first in the nation to amend its constitution to explicitly declare that affordable healthcare is a fundamental human right. If passed, Oregon could be seen as a trendsetter for Texas and other states whose voters could follow suit. The latest news comes on the heels of a Yahoo! Report that states Oregon is actively considering new legislation.

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Plano Health insurance could benefit significantly from such a move, but right now, talks are limited to Oregon state senators like Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward — a main sponsor of the legislation behind the ballot measure. According to Yahoo!, Hayward said making healthcare a human right is a value statement. But opponents warn that this could trigger legal and political issues down the line and open the door to continued lawsuits similar to what the Affordable Care Act is currently facing. Steiner Hayward recently told The Oregonian/Oregon Live that “if the measure passes next month, the state's current resources can handle any financial impact in the immediate future. But she would not rule out possible future tax increases to help provide that health care.”

Rick Thornton, a Plano health insurance agent , echoed one point in the Yahoo! Article that stated that Oregon has a history of being a trendsetter. It was the first to legalize suicide for the terminally ill and also designated itself as a sanctuary state to protect immigrants living in the country illegally. But that doesn’t necessarily mean others will follow suit, Thornton said. The idea of affordable healthcare for all is already being championed by the federal government, and if they continue to do so, not many Americans will have to worry about whether or not they can keep themselves healthy.

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