Plainsboro Preschool Daycare Offers STEM Activities With Flexible Scheduling!

Mar 27, 2024

Looking for a daycare with flexible scheduling and an emphasis on education? RisingStars Family Childcare (+1 609 785 5094) offers preschool programs at their family daycare center in Plainsboro, NJ, with a focus on math, science, and language activities.

You want the very best for your little one - and that includes education. If you want to make sure your preschool son or daughter gets a great head start on life, RisingStars Family Childcare is the daycare for you!

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The education programs for preschoolers focus on math, science, language, and cognitive development activities for children ages 0-5.

With a state-approved curriculum, the educational programs at RisingStars Family Childcare use a range of activities to stimulate your kid's cognitive development, gross motor skills, and social interactions. The team also works to convey knowledge about health and safety to your young child.

Create A Solid Foundation

Research published in the Journal of Educational Psychology shows that early childhood education during the preschool years has a persistent effect throughout adolescence and adulthood, as a solid foundation helps pave the way for academic and social success. With the range of stimulating learning activities at RisingStars, your child can get the best possible advantage in life.

“During the preschool years, we know kids start grasping core cognitive skills, such as thinking, reading, understanding, and paying attention,” says a spokesperson. “RisingStars helps children to discover their original talents and strengths and become confident learners for life.”

Explore STEM Activities

During a typical day at the childcare center, preschool children explore a range of age-appropriate STEM concepts. Activities include learning to work with a calendar, identify number sequences, play matching activities, and use practical skills such as counting, weighing scales, or measuring height with wooden blocks.

As part of the New Jersey-approved “Creative Curriculum,” kids at RisingStars use toys and other materials to build language skills, including speaking, listening, writing, and reading abilities through storytelling, rhyming, and vocabulary expansion.

Practice Motor Skills

Your preschooler will also get a chance to practice their gross and fine motor skills, using dancing and walking feet in the classroom and running or skipping feet outside. Children are encouraged to play catch and toss, use bouncy balls, and stand on stepping stones.

Parents whose children attend RisingStars have positive reviews for the educational daycare center. “RisingStars is a wonderful daycare center,” says Divya S. “Ms. Aparna takes care of every child, giving equal attention to all. My son has learned to do his day-to-day activities independently. Ms. Aparna also engages the kids with a lot of activities, which my son enjoys a lot. She is always very kind and concerned about the kids. Highly recommend!”

Explore the educational options and flexible schedules for your family at RisingStars Family Childcare!

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