Pickleball Player Debbie Drum Launched Hip Hop Dance Monkey Workout Video Training

May 24, 2020

Do you want to learn a new dance? Debbie Drum can teach you her choreography to Dance Monkey by Tones and I.
Her video dairy compilation is suitable for beginner and intermediate dancers; for kids, teens, and adult dancers and fitness lovers.

Do you want to improve your dance moves? Do you want to explore some full dancing routines and impress your friends? Debbi Drum, a seasoned self-publisher author on Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes & Noble, iBook, has a dedicated Dance Monkey video compilation that features free choreography breakdowns and how-tos for this popular dance.

Watch Debbie Drum's online video tutorials to Dance Monkey at https://debdrum.com/dancemonkey and follow the instructors from your own home. 

Debbie's music videos contain some of the most impressive dance sequences ever. 

Take some inspiration from her and get your feet moving!

Not sure if you can do it? Debbie Drum believes that anything is possible when people put the work in. You too can become a pro dancer: just learn the various ways you can mimic the greats, as Debbie did.

The amazing Dance Monkey video is a full compilation of expert dance moves that gradually transformed Debbie from a pickleball player to a pro dancer. Debbie has broken down the dancing routines into step-by-step sequences. 

Debbie Drum admits that she never knew how to even execute any dance step before joining the dancing crew. 

The Dance Monkey training does not require that users have any previous experience dancing. Luckily for aspiring superstars like you, this is an easy dance to learn!

It’s a comprehensive compilation revealing how to Dance Monkey and ultimately become a pro dancer. 

Debbie Drum recommends that people take advantage of the dance compilation and get their feet moving. Dance Monkey is great for both workouts and dance classes.

The dance workout Dance Monkey can be found at https://youtu.be/r-7Z1Tg_Sbw . 

Any enthusiast can use the Dance Monkey workout to kickstart their dancing in a short while. Just like any other life endeavor, all it takes is commitment and consistency.

Check out Debbie's fun, quick crash course introduction to Dance Monkey at https://debdrum.com/dancemonkey .

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