Phoenix News Features For Small Businesses: Done-For-You Professional Content

Mar 21, 2024

Standing out in the online space is only getting more difficult, especially if you’re a small business with limited budget. Phoenix-based Content Marketing Media offers an affordable and highly effective solution.

Featuring On Major News Outlets

Imagine the boost in visibility and reputation if your small Phoenix business was featured on Business Insider and Associated Press. The done-for-you content campaigns from local agency Content Marketing Media can do just that, and much more.

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In fact, they publish content on more than 400 high-authority media platforms, including the two already mentioned. Your campaign will include news articles, videos, podcasts, and slideshows, all developed by a team of professionals – no bots in sight.

Organic visibility and online reputation management have become critical to attracting new clients for almost every business. Content Marketing Media achieves both outcomes with one affordable and highly effective service, and they do all they heavy lifting for you.

What’s High-Authority Marketing?

Websites that are well known and trusted are often referred to as ‘high-authority.’ Such websites are not only viewed as reliable sources of information by viewers, but Google also regards mentions or backlinks on them as evidence that your business is genuine, which has a positive effect on your organic search rankings.

As a result, Content Marketing Media states that it now uses hundreds of high-authority websites as part of its innovative content marketing approach. In addition, the firm can develop your campaigns with a focus on specific regions and/or services, which further enhances the visibility of your businesses in your local area.

“Our distribution network is focused on high-authority websites, which are favored by major search engines,” a company representative explained. “In addition, featuring on such websites builds your authority with potential clients, driving an increase in leads.”

About Content Marketing Media

Recognizing that many small businesses now struggle to get noticed in the online space, Content Marketing Media developed its multimedia content solution to help them build their online footprint and brand recognition. The agency is currently fostering several new media relationships, with further updates expected in the coming months.

“Josh and his team are amazing and I had an incredible experience working with them,” one client recently stated. “They work fast and deliver incredible results. I would definitely recommend working with them if you want to up your online marketing game.”

If you’re interested in having your Phoenix business featured on top news websites, Content Marketing Media can make it happen.

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