Personalized Photo Shaped Pillows Are The Best Christmas 2022 Gift For Family

Jan 26, 2023

Give your loved ones the perfect gift this Christmas, a custom photo huggable memory pillow from Pilloo, and do it all with the click of a button online.

Personalized Photo Shaped Pillows Are The Best Christmas 2022 Gift For Family

This Christmas, wrap up a Pilloo custom pillow under the tree and enjoy the incredible smile you bring to the faces of your nearest and dearest.

With the manufacturer’s new ‘Custom Shaped Anything Pillow’, they are allowing you to upload any photograph or image of your choice and have it turned into a plush, high-quality pillow that is shaped to best fit your supplied image. Pilloo calls their comfy and fluffy throw pillows a huggable memory, and they believe it is the perfect gift for you to give a loved one this Christmas.

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The launch of their new completely custom pillow coincides with the latest market research figures, which reveal that, this Christmas, 65% of North Americans would rather receive a heartfelt gift with a personal touch rather than something generic, even if the generic gift is more expensive. As a recent article on the New York Times emphasized, this year, above all, gift-giving should be personalized and thoughtful.

Pilloo agrees. They believe that their custom pillows will allow both you and your gift receiver to bond over your favorite shared memories and your favorite things.

You can select their new ‘Custom Shaped Anything Pillow’ in an array of different sizes, starting from a small 16-inch pillow to a life-size 60-inch pillow. You can choose any image or photograph you feel is appropriate, whether it is a photo of a pet, or of your friends and family together, or an image of your loved one’s favorite food, place, activity, or more. The only limit to the ‘Anything’ pillow is your imagination.

Pilloo knows that the Christmas shopping season can be stressful and time-consuming, which is why they have made it easier with their quick and simple upload and order process, which will allow you to see a mock-up of your pillow before you order it.

You’ll love that your ‘Custom Shaped Anything Pillow’ will be made in the brand’s boutique Montreal factory from high-quality soft exterior fabric and stuffing materials.

Pilloo has been handcrafting pillows since 1999. In time for the holiday season, they are also proud to assure their customers that they also now offer 24/7 customer service.

A spokesperson for the custom pillow manufacturers said, “Christmas time is here, the gift-giving season, and here at Pilloo we have great gift ideas for any family member - personalize a high-quality pillow to get tangible memories that will last forever.”

Give a gift your loved one will truly love to receive this Christmas with Pilloo.

Visit to order your ‘Custom Shaped Anything Pillow’ and make it a holiday season to remember.

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