Personalized Mother’s Day Apparel & Drinkware Keepsakes As Unique Gifts For Mom

Mar 4, 2024

Forget Me Not Novelties is the go-to store for custom Mother’s Day gifts, whether you’re shopping for a novelty mug or a delightful T-shirt!

Nothing says "I love you, Mom" like a mug, T-shirt, or novelty gift that you can't find in traditional stores. And with Mother's Day in the US just a few months away, you can get Mom the perfect gift now all thanks to Forget Me Not Novelties.

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Buy a gift they'll love

US spending on Mother’s Day exceeded $35 billion in 2023, according to research from Storyly. Forget Me Not Novelties believes that mothers truly cherish personalized, meaningful gifts rather than generic store-bought items. This is backed by a report from CustomHappy, which found personalized drinkware is steadily gaining popularity.

With Forget Me Not Novelties, you can choose designs that align with your mom's interests and hobbies, and they're sure to appreciate the uniqueness and sentimentality of one-of-a-kind goods.

Novelty mugs that speak to the heart

One mug option available in the Mother’s Day collection says, "It’s not really lost until Mom can’t find it," - a lighthearted phrase aiming to resonate with fans of the popular cliché. Another features the slogan "Best Mom Ever" on a simple, ceramic white background. The mugs use state-of-the-art sublimation printing for vivid, durable images that withstand daily use.

The company also offers unique T-shirts with messages like "Thank you for being an amazing mom". The gifts are specially packaged in crush-proof boxes with reinforced corners for safe shipping directly from the USA.

Expert fulfillment across the country

The mugs will be printed and fulfilled by Printify - which connects e-commerce store owners with customized and fully automated solutions on a global scale. In addition to the custom mug range, a variety of unique Mother’s Day T-shirts are also available.

“We're a small business consisting of my husband of 45 years and myself,” Bertha Carver, the store owner, said. “We are too young to retire and too old to be employed, so we decided to venture into the online world.”

See why customers love Forget Me Not Novelties

Discussing their novelty mug order, one recent customer said: “I had great service, with fast delivery. I’m very pleased with my purchase - thank you.”

If you're looking for a gift that your mom will really love this year, you can rely on Forget Me Not Novelties!

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