Pellet Therapy For Men In Bellevue: Overcome Symptoms Of Aging With HRT

Jun 20, 2023

Do you want to feel better, live with more energy, and reclaim your youth? Interventional Orthopedics of Washington (+1-425-326-1665) is offering tailored hormone pellet therapy with just that in mind!

You wake up every morning feeling like you've run a marathon in your sleep. Your energy levels are at an all-time low, mental fog clouds your every thought, and fatigue seems to have become your constant companion.

Sound familiar? These struggles are common - and can rob you of the joy and enthusiasm you once had. Thankfully, with pellet hormone therapy from Interventional Orthopedics, you can reclaim some of the magic of youth!

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With industry research showing that the hormone replacement therapy market is expected to grow by 6.6% by 2030, Interventional Orthopedics is improving access to its cutting-edge treatments. It offers tailored hormone balancing to fit any lifestyle so you can optimize your health and wellness.

As we age, we often encounter issues such as decreased energy levels and diminished mental clarity. The clinic is offering pellet hormone therapy as a solution to restore vitality to anyone experiencing these symptoms.

The treatment uses hormones derived from natural plant sources. These mimic your body's natural hormone levels - allowing you to achieve optimal hormone balance without the risks associated with synthetic approaches.

During the procedure, the doctor administers a topical anesthetic to improve comfort. The hormone pellets are then implanted through a small incision, after which the wound is sealed with tape, eliminating the need for stitches.

This minimally invasive approach enables a quicker recovery time. The clinic notes that you can resume your daily activities shortly after the procedure, without major disruptions to your ordinary routine.

The team is run by Otono Silva, MD, a Board Certified physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist with years of experience in the field. The treatment is backed by over 80 years of research and development. Studies have shown its long-term efficacy and safety, and it has been linked to managing poor sleep, irritability levels, tiredness, brain fog, and reduced lean muscle mass.

A spokesperson states: "We exclusively offer the EvexiPEL method of hormone replacement therapy at our Bellevue location. EvexiPEL is an EVEXIAS Health Solutions brand, an emerging leader in the advancement of preventive medicine practices designed to support optimal health and wellness for men and women."

Do you want to feel like your old (or should I say younger) self again? Get in touch to discuss the next steps!

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