Peer Team Expert Coaching Programs Help MSP Owners Become Financially Mature

Jul 24, 2023

Understanding your company’s financials can be critical to driving growth. If you’re an MSP or TSP owner, BMK Community’s peer team program offers a unique opportunity for you to improve your financial awareness.

Unless you studied accounting at a university, you probably have a patchy understand of financial matters, which can affect the long-term success of your business.

BMK Community combines professional executive coaching with a team of like-minded business owners, giving you a unique opportunity to learn and share your experiences.

The Peer Team program actually offers three levels of professional support, ranging from financially based guidance all the way through to operational evaluation and planning. All levels are underpinned by the firm’s proprietary financial benchmarks, which are now used by thousands of companies around the world.

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BMK Community provides regular meetings with a team of like-minded senior leaders and CEOs, allowing you to exchange ideas, and also keeping you accountable. The ultimate goal is to help you identify and address and knowledge gaps, thereby equipping you to drive the continued growth of your company.

A report from Harvard Business School highlights the importance of financial awareness for senior business managers and leaders. As the school explains, owners who understand their company’s financials are better able to monitor how different factors affect the bottom line, allowing you to make more informed decisions and improve operational efficiency.

BMK Community explains that most owners have not had any formal financial training, and the firm’s latest peer team programs are designed to bring you up to speed. The combination of executive coaching and peer team meetings allows you to receive more formal guidance, while also sharing real-world experiences with other business leaders.

“BMK Community is a team of business owners or executives who choose to come together to share best practices, hold one another accountable, support one another, and openly share their struggles and success,” a company representative explained. “Each member of a well-designed peer team will have a place to talk, vent, work together, and be pushed by others in similar circumstances.”

About BMK Community

Part of the Bering McKinley business growth consultancy, BMK Community was developed to provide a forum for MSP and TSP owners to share best practice learnings. The firm’s executive coaches have all attained advanced degrees in the field, as well as having at least 10 years’ experience as senior leaders in the MSP industry.

“I’ve been with Bering McKinley for around six months, and one of the biggest things I’ve taken away is how to really understand my company’s financials,” one business owner recently stated. “We’ve begun to make several changes to improve how we manage those and understand exactly where we sit going forward.”

No one was born knowing everything, but the most successful leaders recognize where they fall short. That’s where BMK Community can help.

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