Pediatrician Marketing: How Hyper-Specific Content Helps Doctors

Jul 16, 2023

The future of content marketing is ultra-specific and audience-focused, explains London medical marketing specialist RRS.

Marketing has been changing heavily after the pandemic - and one of the more recent developments is hyper-targeted content marketing. As the name suggests, hyper-targeting is all about personalising marketing content to meet the needs of specific segments of your audience.

For health providers such as pediatricians in London, hyper-targeting offers numerous opportunities to improve online visibility and reach potential patients more effectively.

✔ Hyper-Targeting: The New Face Of Content Marketing

Hertfordshire-based digital marketing agency RRS explains the basics of the new wave in medical content marketing. Recognising the dramatic change in content marketing towards audience-focused information, the agency is offering hyper-targeted content marketing solutions.

This is a shift backed by hard data, with more than 87% of marketers prioritising audience informational needs over promotional messages.

✔ Unleashing the Power of Personalisation

The key to the new approach is the creation of high-quality branded news articles and other ultra-specific content tailored to each client’s target audience. This could involve anything from educational campaigns about common health conditions to specific announcements about the availability of new health services or charitable events.

The result is a customer-centric multimedia content marketing campaign that delivers real value to the intended demographic.

✔ The Multimedia Approach

In addition to news articles, the agency creates a range of content types to suit different audience preferences. These include blog articles, podcasts, infographics, slideshows, and videos. This diversified approach ensures that the marketing message reaches as broad an audience as possible while still maintaining a high level of personalisation and relevance.

✔ The Long-Term Strategy: Consistent, Regular Content

The agency’s approach is built on a foundation of consistent, regular content campaigns. Over time, this strategy drives an increase in traffic to the client's website and a significant growth in visibility for a wide range of high-intent topics. This method has proven successful across sectors and has been optimised to meet the needs of health service providers in London and throughout the UK.


✔ Key Takeaways

• Hyper-targeted marketing is a growing trend, with over 87% of marketers now prioritising their audience's informational needs over their company’s promotional message.

• Personalised content like news articles, blog posts, podcasts, and videos, designed to answer specific questions from each client’s target audience, is at the heart of hyper-targeted marketing.

• Consistent, regular content campaigns over the long term can lead to increased website traffic and heightened visibility for a variety of specific, high-intent topics.

• Health providers, including pediatricians and GPs, can greatly benefit from this hyper-specific marketing approach to improve their online visibility and connect more effectively with potential patients.


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