Pearl Thusi Showcases Liberty & Justice’s New Swimwear Line At Fashion Shoot

May 31, 2023

Celebrity sensation Pearl Thusi brought glamour to the Liberty & Justice brand’s BarbieCore bikini fashion shoot in Malibu, showcasing what sets the African-basedswimwear company apart. Find Instagram-worthy bikini fashions at, and be the feature of your own photoshoot.

If you’re a fan of bold colors, unique prints, and hot, not swimwear, you’re going to love the new line of Liberty & Justice bikinis and one-pieces now available at, and soon to be available at Target stores nationally.

Model, entrepreneur, investor, and South African film sensation Pearl Thusi recently took part in a Liberty & Justice fashion shoot in Malibu, California, turning heads and setting pulses racing as she showcased what distinguishes Liberty & Justice from your grandma's bathing suit.

Best known for her roles in ‘Quantico’ and ‘Queen Sono’, Pearl flaunted her flawless figure with pride in her hot pink Liberty & Justice bikini. The vibrant ensemble is a bold nod to the “BarbieCore” aesthetic that's super hot this summer, and Pearl wore it with the effortless confidence that her fans have come to know and love.

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A dazzling showstopper, the Liberty & Justice photoshoot took place on the heels of Pearl Thusi’s appearance at the pre-Oscar Vanity Fair and TikTok Celebrate Vanities: A Night for Young Hollywood held at Mes Amis on March 8, 2023, in Los Angeles, California. There, she captivated the crowd with her radiant smile and poised elegance, further establishing her as not just an on-screen talent, but a style icon as well.

The brainchild of former Miss Africa, Georgie Badiel Liberty, the Liberty & Justice brand is making waves in the fashion industry with its vibrant and unique prints inspired by African wax fabrics and tailored to the modern woman. Among the brand’s other investors are top African celebrities, including Nigerian crooner Burna Boy and Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o, adding to its reputation as a go-to choice for style-conscious individuals.

Pearl Thusi’s affiliation with the brand is a testament to her faith in the vision of Liberty & Justice. Her ambassadorship and investment reflect a growing trend among celebrities to not only support the brands they love but also to invest in them, marrying their personal brand with their business empires.

“The Liberty & Justice swimsuits are about more than just fashion,” says Thusi, “They represent the vibrant culture and creativity of Africa. As a South African woman, it’s an honor to be part of a brand that celebrates our heritage and represents it to the world with such flair and elegance.”

The brand’s expansion into mainstream American fashion through the Target is a significant step for the African brand, marking its successful entry into the competitive American swimwear market.

Pearl Thusi’s BarbieCore bikini photoshoot is just one example of how Liberty & Justice is redefining the norms of swimwear fashion. By incorporating African-inspired designs into modern swimwear, the brand offers a unique blend of cultural heritage and contemporary style. The hot pink bikini Pearl wore so stunningly encapsulates this ethos, marrying a playful BarbieCore aesthetic with the boldness and vibrancy that defines Liberty & Justice.

As a brand, Liberty & Justice is more than just swimwear. It’s a celebration of African heritage, a testament to the power of creative collaboration, and a beacon for sustainable and inclusive fashion.

With Pearl leading the charge as L&J's first ambassador, the brand is sure to make waves in the fashion industry, both in Africa and globally. From the shores of Malibu to the aisles of Target, Liberty & Justice is set to make the summer a whole lot hotter.

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