Orvium is the new Solution for all Current Issues tied to Academic Publishing.

Jun 28, 2018

Orvium utilizes Blockchain Technology to create a social platform that will reconstruct the way in which scholarly papers are researched, reviewed, published and shared.

Orvium, a new revolutionary social platform, intends to reconstruct the traditional scientific publishing methods in to order to have a decentralized and open source framework for managing scholarly publications. Utilizing Blockchain and the Orvium Token (ORV), the network will provide efficient and unbiased models, recognition and rewards, cost effective journals and continuous scientific evolution.

More Information at: https://orvium.io/

Science has undoubtedly been one of the most important contributions to human societies. It has improved our quality of life and the length of life itself. Considering this, the process of funding, researching and publishing has been compromised to maximize profits for the top 5 publishing companies. These 5 companies publish a staggering 50-70% of all scientific journals and their profits have exceeded global powerhouses such as Google, Amazon and even Apple.

Currently there is a proliferation of low quality journals and freedom is restricted by independent scientists to publish their own works by the high costs of publishing. This issue is directly tied to the process of publishing a journal. Firstly, governments will fund most costs tied to research, then volunteer scientists, paid by either the government or by research and/or peer review institutions, review the paper and finally publishers sell their papers back to governmental institutions and/or universities for a profit.

Dennis Snower, president of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy and editor of free online journal Economics, has described the current economic model as “totally outrageous” as tax payers fund most academic research but “[publishers] who take this knowledge back into the private sphere… sell it to those who can afford to pay their profit-maximizing profits.”

Orvium intends to completely redesign this rather outdated system by implementing a decentralized model, powered by Blockchain with full lifecycle traceability.

Journals will be available instantaneously from the moment of submission and authors, instead of publishers, will retain intellectual licenses and control their intellectual property.

This new platform will undoubtedly revolutionize the process of undertaking scientific research and the process of sharing information to benefit of all.

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