Organic Visibility News Content For Phoenix SMBs: Build Brand Reputation

Mar 4, 2024

Featuring on famous news site not only builds the reputation of your Phoenix small business, it also makes Google really take notice. Locally-based Content Marketing Media can make that a reality.

Reach An Audience Of Millions

You’re probably aware the online visibility and reputation are super important, but how do you get noticed in such a competitive space? The unique media campaigns from Content Marketing Media can feature your Phoenix business on some of the most trusted news outlets.

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The campaigns can feature your company on top news sites like Business Insider and Associated Press, giving your reputation a huge boost. There are no bots in sight, because each campaign is developed by a team of professional writers.

Most people now use the internet to find and read reviews about local businesses, so online visibility and reputation are critical. Content Marketing Media’s campaigns are designed to address both elements in one simple and affordable solution.

Attracting Google’s All-Seeing Eyes

Many searches for local businesses begin with an entry in Google, such as “dentist near me.” Google’s advanced algorithms consider a variety of factors when determining the most relevant results, including evidence that your business is active in the region, and which businesses can be considered most popular and/or reliable.

As Content Marketing Media points out, one of the tools that Google uses to assess popularity and reliability is whether your business has been mentioned or backlinked on high-authority websites. The company therefore publishes on over 400 high-authority platforms, with the goal of building visibility in the eyes of Google, while also informing audiences that your company is well known and trustworthy.

“Associating with reputable media sites enhances brand credibility, signifying trustworthiness and quality to the audience,” a company representative explained. “This leads to more organic traffic, increasing brand exposure and potential customer engagement.”

About Content Marketing Media

Recognizing that smaller businesses can often struggle to get noticed in the online space, Content Marketing Media developed its unique content service as an affordable and highly effective solution. The firm continues to foster new media partnerships, with further updates expected in the coming months.

“Content Marketing Media helped me completely turn my business around in just a few weeks,” one client recently stated. “The team has some amazing insights into all things marketing, and I highly recommend working with them if you want to build brand awareness and organic visibility.”

For high-authority content marketing that delivers real and measurable results, contact the experts at Content Marketing Media.

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