Oregon High Net Worth Families Can Get College Funding Tips From This Consultant

Oct 26, 2022

Thinking of passing up the FAFSA owing to your family’s income? Before you make that decision, contact College Planning Experts for expert advice.

Oregon High Net Worth Families Can Get College Funding Tips From This Consultant

When it comes to college tuition, even families that make more than the average American household are looking for relief.

If you’re in the same situation, this financial planning specialist can help lighten the burden for you.

College Planning Experts is now offering its expertise to Oregon households who need expert advice in financial aid planning. Its service is available to families of all income levels, including those who believe that their net worth disqualifies them from obtaining financial support.

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According to the company, its latest move is timely, as misconceptions about federal aid eligibility still abound. For instance, a National Center for Education Statistics study found that about one-third of high-school graduates reported not completing the FAFSA form because they believe they are not eligible.

“Income is just one of the many factors the US Department of Education considers when determining one’s eligibility for aid, so there is no reason to not give the FAFSA a shot,” a company spokesperson explained.

College Planning Experts also pointed to the State of Oregon’s official website, which described the FAFSA form as a “required step” to accessing the various funding opportunities available in the state.

To increase your chances of obtaining aid, College Planning Experts offers a financial aid form preparation service that focuses on the FAFSA. Here, the company’s college counselors walk you through the entire process, ensuring that you provide the correct information to avoid costly errors.

Part of this service is ensuring that your Expected Family Contribution is not overestimated, as it may reduce the amount of financial aid that you can receive. The company explained that this is particularly important to families with higher-than-average earnings who are still looking for ways to reduce college costs.

Since its inception in 2004 by speaker and philanthropist Brian Safdari, College Planning Experts has helped thousands of families obtain financial aid regardless of financial situation.

“We have been working with College Planning Experts since our daughter’s sophomore year, and our daughter couldn’t be more prepared. Everything has gone very smoothly and their guidance has been invaluable,” a former client wrote in their review for Google.

If you want to know more about the college funding options available for your family’s particular financial situation, sign up for a free workshop!

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