Order This Mandoline-Style Potato Slicer For Accident-Free Slices In A Snap

Jun 19, 2023

Sammy Champ Store brings you the cutting edge of potato slicers with its accident-free kitchen gadget!

Whether they’re to be oven baked, roasted, or fried - no matter how you like your potatoes, this clever gadget will allow you to cut them into perfectly formed slithers quickly while keeping your fingers intact!

Not only that but with multiple holes along its blade, Sammy Champ Store’s Multi-Slicing Outcome Potato Slicer produces a beautiful lattice effect that would leave professional chefs in awe!

So, whether it's for a quick meal for one or a large family dish, this accident-free cutter will help you to slice like a pro without any nasty cuts or slips.

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Although mandoline slicers can significantly cut down food prep time, they are notorious for causing injuries to fingers and hands, especially when used incorrectly. That's why Sammy Champ Store’s slicer comes with a safety guard and robust grip assistant to prevent injuries. When used together, your fingers are always kept away from the blade, preventing cutting accidents.

To use the accident-free slicer, you should place it on a sturdy surface, angled downwards and away from your body. You can then insert the potato, press it down, and slice in a back-and-forth motion with even pressure with the grip assistant.

Enabling you to slice potatoes quickly with ‘no mess and minimal effort’, the product is ideal for busy households and large meal preparations for family gatherings and holidays. In addition to cutting potatoes, you can also use the slicer for other firm vegetables like carrots, zucchini, and turnips. You can also cut cucumber and radishes together with solid fruit for your favorite salad.

The multi-slicing tool’s wooden frame measures 34cm x 10cm and its plastic grip assistant is 13cm x 10.5cm. Its lightweight design is portable and easy to wash. What's more, you can choose between two color options for the blade mounts - red or blue.

A spokesperson for the store said: "With our cutting device, you’ll have perfectly sliced potatoes that are ready to be transformed into your favorite dish. There’ll be no more accidents - the grip assistant ensures a safe and easy slicing experience for everyone."

Sammy Champ Store offers a wide selection of items, rating from kitchen utensils to fashion products. The retailer carefully researches and curates its products to provide customers with the most innovative solutions based on their needs. Located in Singapore, the store ships items worldwide via tracked post, with orders processed within 1-3 business days.

For the fastest, safest, and most beautifully formed sliced potatoes, get an accident-free cutter from Sammy Champ Store today!

To order one now, visit https://sammychampstore.com/2023-q1-bumper-blog-posts/b/accident-free-potato-slicer

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