Optimize Your Recruitment Campaigns With AI-Assisted Job Advertising Software

Jun 4, 2023

JobAdX can provide you with the powerful automation and real-time analytics you need to optimize your next recruitment campaign.

We hear about it all the time: Recruiters simply aren't able to find the talent that they need to keep their businesses running at 100% capacity. The reasons behind this are wide-ranging, but the end result is the same in every case. Smaller businesses are being outcompeted and outmaneuvered by larger corporate clients that are able to buy their way into higher-exposure channels. However, as it often has in the past few years, automation may offer a solution.

JobAdX has developed a programmatic job advertising platform that uses the same technology that advertisers across many industries use to power their front-facing advertising efforts, applying that tech to the job recruitment market. This platform, called JobAdX Exchange, contains the toolkit you need to stay ahead in a dynamic, ever-changing market environment. Read on to find out how your business may be able to benefit from their platform today.

To read a full breakdown of the software's capabilities, go to https://www.jobadx.com/

The Exchange platform, which makes up half of the JobAdX software ecosystem, provides access to dynamic automation and customization tools that allow for a hands-off, AI assisted approach to the job advertising process. Using a multi-pronged approach, their software can help you find and pursue qualified talent without wasting ad spend on a broad-reach campaign.

This software has been designed to help you address some common problems with non-targeted job advertising, ensuring that qualified talent is reached more often in higher-authority channels.

Studies have shown that the kind of targeted recruiting that this software enables may lead to higher employee retention, faster hiring, and access to skilled labor. JobAdX’s particular brand of targeted recruiting adds to this list with lightweight software, optimized for ease of use and designed to capture candidate attention as efficiently as possible.

The JobAdX Exchange platform provides users access to over 100 job boards alongside by-the-minute, broad-scale analytics, which allow your team to carefully focus your campaigns for better results. The software also can conduct this focusing process automatically, taking into account the cost-per-click and click-through rate of each ad to increase exposure in high-traffic areas while reducing it on less qualified channels.

You can also use JobAdX’s Optimize platform to further control placement rates with a wide range of manual tools. Optimize allows for the placement of ads in custom locations beyond the partner network, facilitating hyper-targeting in highly niche markets.

As a complete SaaS ecosystem, JobAdX is the ideal solution if you find yourself wasting ad spend, only drawing in unqualified or uninterested candidates. These targeting methods will draw in the talent you need, using the power of automation like a magnet for potential candidates.

This software has been developed over the course of several years by a team of dedicated programmatic advertising experts. The JobAdX software ecosystem has been used by well-known mid-market companies such as Red Robin, Michael’s, Cracker Barrel, and others to power their hiring efforts.

A free preliminary tour of the software is available on their website at https://www.jobadx.com/

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