Online Consulting Program Helps Canadian Students Get Accepted To Universities

Nov 26, 2022

How do you know if your university application or essay is right? Can you really be competitive for scholarships? Online education consultancy GrantMe is helping Canadian students navigate all these questions and more.

Online Consulting Program Helps Canadian Students Get Accepted To Universities

Whether you’re in grade 9, grade 12, or your first year of university, this innovative online program is designed to help you get into the university of your dreams, and secure the funding to pay for it. The powerful web application matches you with scholarships, and a team of expert advisors helps you perfect your applications.

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GrantMe’s goals are pretty simply: to help you successfully gain admission to your preferred university, and to help you gain access to scholarship funding. Their track record speaks for itself. They also help you complete university applications 4 times faster, and increase the chances that you’ll be accepted by 2 times.

A statistical review of the Canada Student Loans Program showed that more than 1.7 million Canadians have outstanding student loans. The Canadian Federation of Students states that this amounts to $22.3 billion, and Statistics Canada reports that the average student loan debt, on graduation from an undergraduate degree, is approximately $28,000.

You might not know how to complete a scholarship application, or if you’ll even be competitive. That’s why GrantMe is so valuable. The web application quickly tells you which scholarships you should apply for. The team of in-house editors reviews your application essays and tells you when they‘re perfect, so you can have the confidence that you’re in with a fighting chance.

Similarly, the GrantMe team offers review and editing of your university applications and essays, so you can apply to 5 times more universities than other students do. The ultimate goal is to get you accepted to a top university with funding support.

About GrantMe

Headquartered in Vancouver, and with a team in locations throughout Canada, GrantMe developed its online services with the stated aim of creating a brighter future for students and families. To date, the company states that it has assisted over 20,000 students.

A company representative recently stated: “With GrantMe, students maximize the number of scholarships they apply to, compete for entrance awards, and ensure they have the best applications to get into top universities. We make sure students get into their universities of choice, and that they have a plan to pay for it.”

Get a competitive edge for universities and scholarships across Canada with the unique online services from GrantMe.

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