Online Breathwork Facilitator Course Has Expert Guest Speakers & Live Practicums

Dec 10, 2023

Enroll now in NeuroDynamic Institute’s breathwork facilitator training program. This 6-month course commences March 2024 and will teach you a unique breathwork modality that has become renowned worldwide.

In the growing breathwork space, you can become a true leader with NeuroDynamic Institute and their leading online breathwork facilitator training course.

The breathwork institute’s 2024 course will begin on March 2nd and there are currently 34 places available to interested students. NeuroDynamic Institute was founded by Michael Stone, a leader in the breathwork community and the man behind NeuroDynamic Breathwork™—a science-based non-directive breathwork modality that has become used widely across North America and beyond. 

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The 2024 edition of NeuroDynamic Institute's popular online breathwork facilitator training course will deepen and extend the curriculum developed in previous years and will include more live online sessions. 

You will have the opportunity to join an online program that the institute believes is like no other. If you register for the March 2024 6-month semester, you will see that the course gives you several unique benefits and opportunities, including: 

Comprehensive Curriculum: The program encompasses a comprehensive curriculum that spans over 350 hours. It covers breathwork, personal development, and business development, ensuring a holistic learning experience. 

Learn from the Best: NeuroDynamic Institute’s founder, Michael Stone is a pioneer with over 15 years of experience in the field, and he brings a wealth of expertise to the course. You will have the opportunity to learn in live online sessions with this eminent figure wherever you are in North America or beyond. 

Witness the Power of Breath: Michael Stone has an experience of leading a live breathwork session with an impressive 1000 participants, exemplifying the transformative potential of his practice and its growing esteem in the breathwork community—something you can tap into post-graduation.

Distinguished Guest Speakers and Practical Sessions: Esteemed guest speakers will also provide you with unique insights throughout the course, and you will gain practical experience through online and in-person breathwork practicums. 

Scientifically Designed Music: The NeuroDynamic Breathwork™ modality is enhanced with scientifically designed music, creating an optimal environment for personal growth and transformation. 

Certification with a Difference: Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a certification to facilitate NeuroDynamic Breathwork™ and to use its non-directive approach, setting you apart in the increasingly popular breathwork field. 

Alumni Network and Ongoing Support: You will join an active study group for the duration of the course and then become part of NeuroDynamic Institute’s alumni community, providing access to ongoing support from a network of like-minded individuals dedicated to breathwork. 

NeuroDynamic Institute is currently taking enrolments for the 2024 edition of their breathwork facilitator training course. 

Don’t miss out. Secure your place today.

A spokesperson for the breathwork institute said, “Become a top-notch certified breathwork facilitator with this most complete science-based 6-month breathwork training.” 

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