Old Bridge Local SEO Expert Shares Essential Tips For Google Visibility

Aug 1, 2023

With new algorithm updates focusing on content quality, how ready are you for Google visibility in 2023 – and beyond? New Jersey SEO expert NJ Local Marketing shares essential tips and strategies.

With the Core update in March 2023 followed by the April Reviews update, Google is now prioritizing relevant, authoritative content to a higher degree than ever - and the way you adapt to them is going to impact your business visibility.

✔ Content Quality is Bigger than Ever

The Core Update has seen Google tweak the way it assesses content quality to more accurately discern between relevant, useful content, and pretty much anything else. And while that's not necessarily anything new (with Google touting "content quality" as one of their essential criteria since forever), it's now going to be more important than ever to make sure your content is answering legit questions.

And if you're looking for quality content, working with an expert agency is a pretty good starting point.

✔ On-page Optimization Still Matters

Technicalities are still important, and they're not any easier - which means pro on-page SEO is your best bet when it comes to getting your site ready for first-page ranking for your target keywords.

NJ Local Marketing provides on-page optimization, Google business listing creation, local search citations, and other solutions, as part of a complete SEO package designed to generate sustainable search visibility while delivering value to your target demographics.

“This marketing strategy relies on a number of techniques to put you at the top of the search engines and before the eyes of your ideal customer,” explained a company representative. “It involves crafting high-quality content, carefully optimized for keywords and search terms. It’s also about things like meta data, page structure, posting frequency, HTML elements, and inbound links.”

“It may sound complicated, but at NJ Local Marketing we have established a winning formula for optimizing business websites for search engines. Our clients have all benefited from increased rankings, visibility, and sales. We have delivered successful campaigns for companies of all sizes, in a range of sectors and industries,” they added.

✔ About NJ Local Marketing

Founded in 2000, the Old Bridge marketing agency grew from a one-person outfit into a complete digital marketing service provider. In its over two decades of experience, the agency has served local businesses across sectors, offering services ranging from web design and SEO to video production, social media management, and others.

Ready to learn more about SEO in New Jersey? Go to https://www.njlocalmarketing.com/seo-company-in-nj to get started!

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