O-Jiva launched an acne healing patch. The product uses for all ages and skin types

Sep 13, 2020

Get Rid Of Acne On Your Face In 2 Days Without Medication. Not Noticeable On Face Skin. Natural Hypoallergenic Components. Skin Hydration. Suitable For All Skin Types. Moisture Resistant. Compact, Easy To Take On The Road

Get Rid of Acne With Natural Remedy Patch from O-Jiva

O-Jiva launched a new acne healing patch. The product will boost confidence and uses natural hypoallergenic ingredients and is safe for all ages, including children.

O-Jiva, a natural cosmetic product manufacturer, announced new Acne Patches, an acne healing solution that gives 24-hour protection and is easy to carry and change. O-Jiva Acne Patches is made of natural hypoallergenic ingredients and safe for all skin types and ages. O-Jiva product representative stated that their product is the fastest solution for acne and pimples problems. It's not only healing but also gives protection to all types of skin. In addition to the benefits, O-Jiva Acne Patches also provide anti-inflammatory healing effects, calm the skin, as well as absorb pus and fluids.

Acne develops because of excess oil production in the hair follicles, bacteria in pores, and dead skins that increase hormonal activity. Moreover, there are some genetic factors and unhealthy behavior that are contributing to acne. Untreated acne could leave lifelong scars. Therefore, healthy behavior like washing the face two times a day or after sweating could prevent acne inflammation. Another way to heal and protect face against acne is by using a proper cosmetics mighty patch such as O-Jiva Beauty Patches.

O-Jiva Beauty Patches is an acne healing product by O-Jiva, a leading cosmetic brand for face and body. The product is the best solution for acne and pimple problems. It uses Hydrocolloid ingredients that are safe for women, men, or even children. The product contains 108 patches in two sizes. It will increase confidence as it can be easily hidden with light makeup and doesn't leave any traces when it is removed. It can also be used while on sleep. It will give 24 hours protection and be easy to change when dirt.

“They act fast for my acne. Easy to apply from segmented plastic sheets. That's a good deal for the price. The quality and quantity are satisfying. Thanks, O-Jiva.”

O-Jiva product representative said, "Our product is three times more effective than other products on the market. After two days, you will have smooth, skin clean, without acne."

About O-Jiva

O-Jiva is a beauty product manufacturer with many years of experience producing beauty products and acne healing solutions such as acne healing dots. O-Jiva's acne healing dots are available at Amazon for only $7.99. One pack contains 108 patches and is made from waterproof and breathable material for comfort and long-lasting protection. For more information about the product, please visit http://o-jiva.com/lending/.

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