NYC Therapists Offer Integrative Treatment For Insomnia: Sleep Hypnosis & CBT

Feb 6, 2024

The lack of sleep can affect every aspect of your life. If you’re suffering from insomnia and are looking for an alternative solution, NY Health Hypnosis & Integrative Therapy (646-537-1713) can help!

When was the last time you had great sleep – you know, the oh-so-good sleep that makes you yawn and stretch the next day feeling awesome? If you had to pause and think for an answer, more than likely, you’ve been waking up not feeling your best, or being grumpy until you’ve had a giant cup of coffee.

Sound familiar? What if we told you that this doesn’t have to be the case? Go to for more information.

If you are best friends with your insomnia, it’s time to say goodbye to that toxic relationship today with an innovative approach to mental health.

Hypnotherapy for sleep and insomnia

NY Health Hypnosis & Integrative Therapy is a leading provider of transformative hypnotherapy for insomnia. It offers an integrative approach, combining hypnosis, mindfulness, and interpersonal techniques to help you fall asleep much faster and enjoy more restful sleep.

The center's psychologists have decades of combined experience in treating the condition. Dr. Kimberly Fishbach, Dr. Karolina Pekala, Dr. Laura Faiwiszewski, Dr. Irada Yunusova, and Dr. Demi Maglio, have developed a modern approach to resolving symptoms of insomnia that is both flexible and evidence-based.

What is insomnia?

They explain that despite popular perception, insomnia does not necessarily mean staying awake all night. Rather, insomnia relates to the day-to-day impairment caused by the difficulty of remaining asleep through the night or getting non-restorative rest. It is a complex condition that can result from a variety of factors.

The team combines hypnotic and mindfulness techniques with cognitive-behavioral therapy to address the underlying reasons for insomnia. You are guided to understand the factors that may be contributing to your condition, from everyday stressors to unresolved past trauma. You will then be taught new skills to change your sleep habits, which may include developing healthier coping mechanisms for stressful situations. The goal of any custom program is for you to reach a more relaxed state and enjoy more restful sleep.

What is hypnosis?

During hypnosis sessions, you are encouraged to concentrate on your goals and reach a calm, hypnotic state. Once there, hypnotherapists will use suggestions for positive solutions. At all times, you are in control and can accept or reject any of the suggestions.

It’s not going “under” – just like what you see in movies! Rather, you are opening your mind to experience more suggestions without your ego getting in the way. This is especially useful if you tend to overthink everything. With hypnosis, you allow yourself to just be still. 

NY Health Hypnosis offers treatment for a variety of conditions, including severe depression, anxiety, PTSD, and even the resolution of bad habits such as nail biting, skin picking, and hair pulling.

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