These Ratchet Pruners For Gardeners With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Reduce Pain

May 20, 2024

If you experience difficulty gardening because of hand mobility issues, The Gardener’s Friend has just the thing for you. Check out their line of lightweight, easy-to-use pruning shears and hedge trimmers!

Struggling to get a grip? This is a serious question, since hand mobility issues are no joke. If you suffer from arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome, or if you just don’t have the grip strength that you had when you were younger, it might be hard for you to go about your daily tasks. That being said, if you still can’t keep yourself away from your garden, then The Gardener’s Friend's line of lightweight, easy-to-use gardening tools is perfect for you! In fact, they were designed for people with hand conditions, by people with hand conditions. That means the inventors of this inclusive product line know exactly what you need to make your gardening experience as painless as possible!

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The Prevalence of Mobility Issues

Hand mobility issues are widespread. The American Medical Association says that carpal tunnel syndrome affects up to 10 million people in the United States alone. Arthritis, another common cause of mobility problems, affects over 18 million people worldwide, according to a 2019 World Health Organization report.

The Gardener’s Friend is Your Friend

Because hand conditions and age-related muscle degradation can affect grip strength and reduce fine motor control, affected individuals may find it difficult to hold and manipulate conventional gardening tools. Of course, if you suffer from any of the aforementioned conditions, you don’t need to be told this! But never fear. The Gardener’s Friend pruners and shears were developed to provide you with more grip and cutting power while still remaining lightweight. They’ll allow you to perform gardening tasks even if you have mobility issues. Heck, even if your hands are smaller or weaker than average, you can use them too! They’re that versatile!

The Gardener’s Friend ratchet pruning shears are one such example. Intended to help you prune or harvest plants, these corrosion-resistant shears come with assistive clippers that provide clean cuts with less strain on your end. While the product is designed for stems and stalks, it can also be used to cut branches up to one inch thick. They’re quite heavy-duty! Also, they come with a cleaning sponge that you can store in the handle. Isn’t that neat?

The Gardener’s Friend line also includes larger tools such as the long-handled hedge trimmers, which come with ergonomic hand grips for comfort. The trimmers feature aluminum handles and coated SK5 steel blades, making them resistant to rust while remaining strong and easy to handle. Shearing your shrubs into shape has never been easier!

Of course, there’s way more where that came from. The entire product line is designed to help any gardener with mobility issues, so definitely check it out!

Mobility Solutions for Mobility Problems

As sufferers of mobility issues themselves, founders Paul and Nancy Grimm developed The Gardener’s Friend gardening tools as a solution for people like them. Their products have earned them several accolades, and they continue to develop new tools to help gardeners with hand conditions worldwide.

“We can’t cure arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome, but if we can help someone with these debilitating diseases continue to experience the joy of gardening, then we’ve achieved our mission,” says Paul.

Don’t let your mobility issues hold you back any longer. Add one of The Gardener’s Friend’s gardening tools to your arsenal today!

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