NYC Graffiti T-Shirt With Unique Tags: Christmas Gift Idea for Street Art Lovers

Oct 17, 2023

New York artist Sarah James has added yet another iconic print to her T-shirt collection. This is the perfect gift for you or someone you love who adores urban culture and contemporary art!

Are you an early Christmas shopper who wants to impress a friend or a loved one with a truly unique present? Get inspired by Sarah James Jazz Merch! This original artist has a wide range of cool 100% cotton T-shirts with graffiti prints from New York that celebrate the city and all of its artists. This collection combines comfy wear with authentic street art and is perfect for anyone who loves contemporary art and NYC's underground scene. 

Sarah James continuously updates her collection, which serves as a documentation of her walks through the city, bringing a touch of storytelling to her T-shirts. Thanks to Sarah's tribute to the urban art form, you can wear a piece of NYC with you wherever you go.

Go to to see the latest addition for yourself.

The new print depicts graffiti from a building wall on 6th Street in East Village. It's a black-and-white portrait of a woman on a colorful background that has been obliterated with other graffiti several times, adding to the authentic feeling, with one of the tags saying, "We rise by lifting others." An inspirational and beautiful message that adds a bit of extra depth to this masterpiece!

Made out of 100% cotton, a warming yet breathable material that can be worn all seasons, Sarah James' long-sleeved T-shirts are comfortable and easy to care for. You can order them in classic black or popping colors like red, purple, and pink. Other graffiti prints in the assortment are, for example, of two female friends in Jersey City, an eight-armed alien DJ, and a geisha-inspired woman.

Sarah also sells other items, like mugs, leggings, laptop and phone cases, as well as duffle bags. The wide selection of merch features truly special pieces that can't be found in regular shops. 

Sarah got the idea for her e-commerce shop during the pandemic when she couldn't perform and decided to combine her interest in street photography with fashion. This indypreneur, who primarily is a jazz singer, has also written a book on aroma therapy and is currently working on an independent documentary about jazz singers. She regularly performs live in New York, so if you want to hear some of her poetry or jazzy vocals, check out her website to see when and where you can catch her. 

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