Nurse Practitioner Offers Unique Insights on the True Nature of Covid Syndrome

Mar 23, 2021

Covid syndrome is insidious. People with follow-up negative test results continue to have dangerous symptoms. Dr. Sharon is one of the first to recognize that treatment must be initiated or continued despite negative test results.

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Treating Covid-19 syndrome and other diseases swiftly and discreetly to prevent dangerous complications and restore good health. Dr. Sharon will take the time to listen to your questions and concerns. He will make his best recommendations and explain why he is proposing a course of treatment. People know themselves better than anyone so Dr. Sharon will always ask the patient what works and what doesn’t. Dr. Sharon works with his patients together as a team. He believe that everyone must participate in his/her health care for best results. Dr. Sharon also considers emotional and spiritual well being as vital components of good health.

Dr. Sharon has done a significant amount of research review regarding the appropriate treatment of Covid-positive people and has published his startling findings:

Abstract: The NIH has published treatment guidelines for treating Covid-19 patients in the hospital. However, as of this writing, there are no established protocols for treating Covid-19 positive patients in primary care. Accordingly, this investigator has taken on the task of reviewing the medical literature to be able to propose evidence-based protocols for treating Covid-19 positive patients in primary care. The CDC is advising people to do nothing when they find out they are positive for Covid-19 unless they have symptoms.

The evidence from the literature irrefutably shows Covid-19 infection evokes a massive and deadly hyperinflammatory response called the “Cytokine storm” and that Cytokine levels in the blood have a predictive value in identifying an impending Cytokine storm. With such data primary care providers can effectively lower Cytokine levels and prevent critical illness and death.

Accordingly, this paper presents identification of the problem of not having standard practices in primary care for people who are positive for Covid-19 and not knowing who is at risk. Moreover, the evidence shows that knowing vitamin D levels and correcting deficiencies can go a long way in reducing Cytokine levels. Additionally, the literature review presents evidence that undeniably shows the stark possibility that many of the Covid-related deaths can be prevented by identifying who is at risk for the Cytokine storm and other complications and providing early treatment even before symptoms appear.

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