No-Moth Oriental Rugs with New Eco-Friendly Service

Mar 15, 2017

Protecting fine oriental rugs from moth damage is a challenge and failure can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

New Eco-Friendly Service Helps with No-Moth Oriental Rugs and Carpet-Safe May

By Person Anthony Miklaszewski, CEO at New Dimension Fabric protection and Ceaning

March 11, 2017

Foxboro, MASSACHUSETTS – The Northeast reputation for being swarmed by moths in May is facing a positive challenge this year. Massachusetts-based New Dimension Fabric Protection & Cleaning is a company that is committed to keep the moth swarms away, in a way that is as efficient as it is eco-friendly.

“We know the hassle that moth swarms can be for people and their belongings. In particular, for those who want to keep their Oriental rugs and other wool carpets beautiful, clean and safe. That’s why we’re offering a service that allows people to have this concern fully covered”, stated Anthony Miklaszewski, CEO at New Dimension.

“Still, part of our mission involves offering a solution that blends efficiency with an eco-friendly angle, which is why our green fabric protection and green carpet cleaning services are as results-driven as they are focused on promoting sustainability and an environmental balance”, added Miklaszewski.

The heavily chemical-rich cleaning industry is known for the environmentally aggressive footprint that its services leave. Still, people often need to use this industry’s services to keep their household fabric protected and decorative items clean from moths. This has been adding to the environmental pressures that the planet faces, with a challenge: how can an equilibrium be found between having an effective cleaning experience without harming the planet.

“At New Dimension Fabric Protection and Cleaning, we are very mindful about this challenge. We care for providing quality to the client as much as we care about the planet, and we know that our customers care too. So we came up with a service that is focused on a fast, reliable and very effective eco-friendly green style fabric protection and cleaning service, which covers a number of cleaning and protection needs from our clients, while using advanced technology to offer the best eco-friendly cleaning and carpet protection experience ever”, Anthony commented.

While New Dimension Fabric Protection and Cleaning offers a cleaning service meeting all the high-standard degrees of care that Oriental rugs require, the Boston-based company offers a large range of cleaning and fabric protection services for household and decorative items and spaces.

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