NFT Marketplace Lets You Buy Unique Physical Artwork With Your Credit Card

Aug 1, 2023

When it comes to buying non-fungible tokens (NFTs), there’s no better place than RealNifty – which now lets you buy physical versions of digital artworks using credit cards!

If you’re new to NFT collecting, RealNifty lets you buy physical versions of digital artwork using traditional payment methods.

CEO Jamie Parmenter explains that most artworks available on the platform come with both an NFT and a physical component. With the above-mentioned development, you can now purchase only the physical art piece and pay for it using a credit card instead of cryptocurrency.

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Parmenter says the ability to segregate digital and physical works removes a major barrier to NFT marketplaces. Moreover, it also helps bridge the gap between NFT and fine art collecting.

While the NFT industry is relatively new, it is already valued at over $15 billion and is expected to reach $342 billion by 2032. The growing adoption of cryptocurrencies and the opportunity to exclusively own unique artwork has been crucial to this growth.

RealNifty sees itself as an ideal starting point if you wish to begin buying NFT art. Its hybrid model and payment system simplify the process, allowing you to appreciate the benefits of NFT ownership.

Parmenter says: “It's a logical step. We want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to own the extraordinary art available on RealNifty, whether in physical or digital form, or both. Instead of excluding those unfamiliar with NFTs, we aim to assist them in taking their initial steps into this realm, even if it doesn't involve web3 technology, while still immersing them in its presence."

Furthermore, the company aims to continue educating you about the NFT space, especially after you purchase physical art pieces.

RealNifty sells one-of-a-kind work from artists like Ola Cichy, Gianluca Franzese, and Leslie Spurlock. Their paintings are available on canvas, but you will also own the rights to their digitized versions.

After successfully bidding on a piece and settling the payment with your credit card, you can click the “Open Box” symbol to signify that you want to claim the physical component. RealNifty has an embedded logistics system to ensure fast and hassle-free delivery of your items.

About RealNifty

RealNifty bridges the gap between the digital and physical art worlds. As a curated NFT marketplace and agency, its mission is to empower talented artists and creatives by providing them with a platform to exhibit and sell their works. With its commitment to innovation, RealNifty pioneers the seamless integration of NFTs with physical items, making it a pioneer in the world of fine art, creative collectibles, and more.

If you want to dip your toes into NFT art collecting, RealNifty is the marketplace for you. Check out its amazing collection of digital-physical works today!

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