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May 10, 2024

Community Health and Education Services (240-755-5591) offer certified support broker nursing staff to those who wish to self-direct in Montgomery County and Prince George’s County.

Gain Control & Responsibility For Your Life

The self-direct model allows you to decide who provides you with support, when, and where, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have any advice. A support broker can help you develop care plans and train your caregivers, and they’re available through CHES.

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The company can provide you with two different levels of nursing support, depending on your own needs. Nursing case management and delegation is required if your staff will be administering medications or giving healthcare treatments.

All nurses under CHES’ support broker services have completed and been certified under the DDA’s case manager/delegating nurse training. The services are available across Montgomery County and Prince George’s County, and you can contact them to check if they work in your area.

“We offer Community First Choice, Personal Support Services, and Nursing Support Services,” a company representative explained. “Our specialized RNs and LPNs work with healthcare providers to establish and follow an individualized treatment plan for each client.”

How Support Brokers Can Help

The self-direction service delivery model was established to give those with developmental disabilities greater control over their life, including who provides support and how Medicaid funds are spent. The option of working with a support broker was introduced to provide additional information, coaching, and advice.

Specializing in working with people with special needs, the latest support broker services from CHES form a key component of its capabilities. The agency also offers an in-depth guide on its website, helping you understand which nursing support service is most appropriate for your own situation.

About Community Health and Education Services

Licensed as a Residential Service Agency by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, CHES was established by a team of experienced senior healthcare providers, with a specific focus on those with developmental disabilities. The agency’s staff are trained to assist clients with cerebral palsy, spina bifida, and those on the autism spectrum.

“Our mission is to provide affordable, unmatched care services to the vulnerable, so they can remain safe and comfortable in their homes and their communities,” the agency continues. “We take seriously the plan of care our patients require to achieve their daily living goals, and we offer solutions to meet those needs in the homes or the place you call home.”

If you need help with personal care or the tasks of daily living, contact the team at CHES.

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