NFT and GAMING project SeaSol Squad

Jan 1, 2022

Artists, International Music Producers, Graffiti & Gallery Artists, Movie Creators will come together for SeaSol Squad NFTs.

NFT and GAMING project SeaSol Squad

SeaSol Squad is a community driven NFT and GAMING project with a new paradigm: DAO ASSETS MANAGEMENT (DAM). we’ve built something that’s meant to last where people are excited to engage in the community, not just “another NFT drop”. It is important to find concrete and sustainable utilities, to form a stable and lasting ecosystem.

The 100 millionth inevitable Crypto ban is starting to erode stakeholder patience, markets are being heavily dumped, and no one knows where the price will stop its fall. The Fear & Greed Index has collapsed to levels never seen. Luckily, an army of sea creatures accepted the call for help, joining in an unrivaled struggle to preserve financial freedom.

The NFT market has seen an exponential rise in the past few months. Many projects came to life, many disappeared shortly after. This is because of a deficiency of utility and is no longer acceptable with today's NFT holders.

This is why SEASOL's focus is to make tangible use cases to power the SeaSol tokenomics, stimulating the exchange of secondary NFTs that will be necessary in the GAME. The project claims to also have the strong conviction that it is necessary to build a “Bridge” between the NFT world and real everyday life, so as to organically expand this environment, also bringing in new audiences that may not be familiar with the NFT world. For example, this will be executed by collaborating with commercial chains that want to exhibit SeaSol “NFT urban shops” in their stores.

Another initiative that SeaSol Squad are implementing is the allocation of a part of the vault to acquire Digital Assets and invest in promising NFT projects that can increase the cash flow of the SeaSol Economy, which will be reflected in high returns for all the owners. (DAM)

In order to make the project operational in a short time, they have decided to reduce the supply to 3,702 total units. Dolphins, sharks and whales will be minted in 1,234 pieces of each species, thus maintaining the scarcity of the artworks and the exclusivity of the project. This will help the floor price sustain itself. Operating for several years in the world of Music and Art, SeaSol Squad intends to involve artists they are familiar with, from different disciplines. For example: International Music Producers, Graffiti & Gallery Artists, Movie Creators to create a Unique and Limited series of Accessories and Physical Artworks that will only be available to those members of the SeaSol community who own a SeaSol Squad NFT in their wallet.

The SeaSol team states:

" Like many of you, we have been sailing this crazy Crypto Sea for several years and this fight between small fish and whales has always been epic. Newbies have always accused whales of manipulating the market and this decades-long struggle has spawned hundreds of Meme and Crypto art depicting Whales, Dolphins, Sharks, Humpback Whales etc., which is what originally inspired us to create the personalities of our beloved characters."

For the first collection it will be possible to mint Dolphins, Sharks and Whales; 1,234 NFT for each species, in order to offer 3 possible characters instead of 1. Who knows what their Artist will be preparing for the next collection!? The weapon, the color of the skin, the background and the clothes are only part of the multitude of traits that have been specially designed in months of study. The metadata associated with each trait will determine the rarity of the NFT and indicate the character’s stats in the Game. The exact number of traits will be revealed along with the Rarity Table a few hours after the mint ends. Join our Discord to be always up to date!

Seasol Squad aims to be completely transparent about whitelist management. With access to the pre-sale, they give early adopters the opportunity to participate in the first delicate phases of the project’s life. Being able to mint a maximum of 2 NFTs x Address. You can get a VIP or PRE Sale Pass by playing every day on their Discord, read #seasol-economy to find out how!

The presale spots will be divided as follows:

• VIP Pre Sale - Early birds of the SeaSol Squad will be given Whitelist + VIP Lounge Access

pass. This will be on a first come, first served basis. (MAX 50 spots, 100 NFTs)

• Each NFT will become a gateway to a multitude of initiatives and revenue opportunities for all owners.

• In addition, each character becomes 1 avatar that comes to life in our MetAbyss, where you will receive rewards for all the activities available.

• Your SeaSol Squad NFT is also your Avatar in the Play 2 Earn game. (“SeaSol Squad Game”)

• NFT Staking

• Access to exclusive events, art exhibits, and SeaSol Squad merchandise

$PLNK Token

The Plankton token ($PLNK) will literally be the lifeblood for the creatures that lurk in the

MetAbyss. $PLNK will be given to users as rewards of the game. You can earn simply by holding your SeaSol Squad NFTs in your wallet!

The $PLNK token will be a fixed supply and the result of fractionalizing the community vault. Learn more at

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