New Spiritual Book: Awaken Your Deeper Self With Celestial Messages From Jesus

Feb 25, 2023

Helping you reconnect with your spiritual side, Albert J Fike has penned a book that shares messages of hope and harmony from Biblical teachings.

New Spiritual Book: Awaken Your Deeper Self With Celestial Messages From Jesus

Have you lost your way? Are you feeling confused, dejected, and unsure where to go next?

Find your way home with Albert J Fike. His latest book is the perfect guide to rediscovering your faith.

Ideally suited to people who want to restore their faith in Christianity, “Finding Our Way Home” is a new book in the spiritual and faith genres. First published in June 2022, the book is part of a Christian trilogy and is the follow-up to Albert’s first publication, “Our World In Transition, Messages From Jesus.”

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Inside the book, you will find Biblical teachings on peace, harmony, and living a Christian lifestyle. Albert shares celestial messages from Jesus Christ that will help you make sense of the modern world.

The book serves as a guide to overcoming the challenges of modern living and includes advice on how to embrace spirituality, reconnect with the divine, and re-establish firm morals and boundaries. In addition, it features guidance on what you should do if you feel you have lost your way.

The book is currently available on Amazon. You can choose between two formats: Kindle or Paperback. Reviewers say the book contains messages of hope, provides guidance for people who are lost and features teachings that can restore your faith.

Explaining what kind of content readers will find in the book, Albert says, “This book contains spiritual lessons designed to awaken our deeper selves and help us make sense of an ever-changing world. In it, I talk about the power of love to change the hearts and minds of humanity and share a vision of what that world could look like. The depth of the teachings and revelations shared in this book will awaken both the mind and the soul. It contains clear and easy-to-understand language and concepts that can awaken your spiritual side.”

About Albert J Fike

Albert J Fike is the co-founder of Divine Love Sanctuary, a Christian mission charity that shares the teachings of Jesus Christ with people in need. As well as authoring several spiritual books, Albert has created a wide variety of faith-based resources. In addition, he produces audio and video content and hosts spiritual awakening retreats.

Life can be scary and confusing, but if you're feeling lost you don't have to go it alone. Let Albert J Fike be your guide.

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