Jesus’s Divine Love For Spiritual Growth In Key Book & Awareness Campaign

Jul 5, 2023

Are you feeling spiritually overwhelmed and looking for encouragement? With a new awareness campaign from the Divine Love Sanctuary Foundation, you will find messages to help awaken your deeper self and make sense of a troubled world.

If you are looking for more love and purpose in your life, the Divine Love Sanctuary offers answers.

The organization includes several publications as part of its current awareness campaign, including "Finding Our Way Home." The titles comprise spiritual lessons and insights from Jesus of Nazareth, as channeled through Albert J. Fike.

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"Finding Our Way Home" is a continuation of previous messages; as such, it aims to help you understand the larger meaning and purpose of life, offering a path to liberation.

In a world marked by a high level of uncertainty and turmoil, you may seek deeper spiritual knowledge. The goal of the awareness campaign is to spark feelings of joy and creativity in your soul. According to a representative from the Divine Love Sanctuary, the "Finding Our Way Home" campaign is part of a larger effort to bring peace and love to the world: “This is a must for those who are intent on understanding what is happening in our modern world and how we might find our way to the new and harmonious world to come.”

In "Finding Our Way Home" and other publications, the author conveys spiritual lessons that can awaken your soul and provide support in an increasingly unstable world. The primary theme is the power of love, and how love can transform hearts and minds. The books also set out a vision for an ideal world governed by love, and the way that stellar, celestial, and divine forces are working to bring this ideal world into reality.

All publications from the Divine Love Sanctuary are available for purchase through Amazon as paperbacks or Kindle editions.

The Divine Love Sanctuary is a registered, not-for-profit organization based in British Columbia, Canada. Since its inception in 2012, the organization has focused on spreading messages of love, peace, and healing.

The organization is not a religious entity or church. Rather, they describe themselves as “a global network of spiritual seekers” with a mission to “awaken humankind to the wonders of Divine Love and to be channels of love, peace, and healing for our planet.”

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With spiritual encouragement from the Divine Love Sanctuary, you can find support and greater peace today!

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