Discover the Power of Faith: A Spiritual Book Inspired by Jesus’ Teachings

May 24, 2023

If you feel lost, alone, or unsure about your faith, Albert J. Fike’s “Finding Our Way Home” is a must-read. The book, a sequel to the author’s “Our World In Transition: Messages From Jesus” shares a message of hope and encouragement.

No one said the Christian walk will be easy.

But, Jesus, as He promised, will not allow you to go through these trials alone. He has given you everything you need to overcome.

First, there’s the faith-reaffirming gathering of the brethren to help you feel connected to a community that loves and strives to please God.

And the gift of God’s word - the Bible, which you can prayerfully study to build your spirit.

Thankfully, Jesus, our Savior, continues to speak to us today through diverse means, including Albert J Fike’s “Finding Our Way Home”.

Coming at a time of economic and political upheavals, the book offers a message of hope and encouragement to anyone in search of timeless Biblical principles for navigating the world today.

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You will find reassuring biblical teachings about Jesus’s vision of a harmonious world to come and practical spiritual lifestyle changes you can make to stay connected to the divine in your day-to-day living. In particular, Fike writes about how Christians, especially if you have faltered in your faith, can reestablish strong morals and boundaries and find meaning and fulfillment in your Christian walk.

The book is intended to awaken the mind and soul, drawing on teachings from the Bible. Fike explains that each chapter is based on celestial messages from Jesus to help you make sense of the modern world.

Fike says, "In our busy world, it is more difficult than ever to live a faith-based life, and many people are feeling lost and confused. This book contains spiritual lessons designed to awaken our deeper selves and help us find meaning in a world that often appears chaotic and uncertain. The depth of the teachings and revelations shared in this book will awaken both the mind and the soul."

Currently, "Finding Our Way Home" is available as a paperback and Kindle ebook on Amazon. The book has garnered many five-star reviews from readers who appreciate the spiritual wisdom and message of hope it shares.

About Albert J. Fike

Albert J. Fike is the co-founder of Divine Love Sanctuary Foundation, a Christian mission NGO established in 2021 to share God’s word with the underserved in the world. Fike travels around the world with the message of Jesus and organizes a wide variety of faith-based events, including spiritual awakening retreats both online and in person.

Even in your tribulations, Jesus has promised never to leave you - and in Albert J Fike’s book, the Lord has offered a message of hope.

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