New Singapore Real Estate Agent Opportunity With 100% Commission By Top Brand

Aug 23, 2022

100% commissions. All the training you need, plus expert coaching. Top tools & resources to streamline the process; and on top of it all an innovative COOLture that helps you grow while having fun. Join Realty ONE Group Life Style today!

New Singapore Real Estate Agent Opportunity With 100% Commission By Top Brand

The real estate industry is about to change for the better with Realty ONE Group Life Style. Bringing its award-winning real estate business model to Singapore, the brand is currently hiring driven real estate agents looking to be a part of the future!

Led by real estate experts Robb and Sock Hoon Spearman, along with Derek Lee as the KEO for the brand’s Singapore office Realty ONE Group Life Style is the ideal place if you’re looking for unique benefits and a fun, motivating workplace.

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If you join the Singapore office you’ll benefit from extensive professional coaching - one of the six core values of Realty ONE Group. Part of the brand’s Learning Management System, the coaching service offers you access to industry-leading courses and training materials.

“We value people and help develop them through our proprietary education system,” explained Robb. “We invest in people because it's the right thing to do. From our employees to our real estate professionals, we see your success as our own.”

Additionally, an innovative 100% commission model allows the company to create a motivating climate where you can reach your full professional and financial potential.

“We value real estate professionals, empowering them to achieve greater success, faster,” said Robb. “Because you’re first in our eyes, your success matters most. You did the work, you should keep your commission.”

“Singapore is my homeland and we want Singapore's property agencies and agents to achieve greater success, faster with the Realty ONE Group's model,” added Sock Hoon.

Plus, you’ll have access to the latest tools so you can optimize all real estate processes and become more productive.

In a bid to transform the modern real estate industry into a more community-oriented environment, Realty ONE Group focuses on helping local communities and creating a thriving “COOLture” focused on “unity and having fun”.

Robb said: “We bought into the Realty ONE Group's concept and COOLture on day one and we know that others will too when they see the passion we have to help everyone win.”

Join Realty ONE Group Life Style for the perfect combination of driven professional dedication and a lifestyle-oriented fun environment!

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