New Menu Consulting In Boston For Grand Opening: Restaurant Concept Development

Dec 13, 2022

Jason Carron and the rest of the team at Avery Restaurant Consulting (617-970-8566) have the winning recipe to help your Boston restaurant succeed. Call them today!

New Menu Consulting In Boston For Grand Opening: Restaurant Concept Development

Whether you're about to open your restaurant's doors to the public for the first time or you're an established business that would like to grow some more, let Jason Carron and his 30+ years of industry experience go to work for you. He's helped launch, fix and grow over 50 restaurants, and he can help yours, too.

Visit and see what Jason and the Avery Restaurant Consulting team can do for you!

To say the Boston restaurant scene is competitive would be an understatement. In February of 2022 alone, 22 new restaurants entered the market, and that's on top of the 3,000 we already have.

An experienced professional like Jason Carron can help you compete. The owner of Avery Restaurant Consulting can do everything from facilitating a smooth grand opening to staff retraining and menu optimization. He has expertise in both front and back-house operations, teaching you how to create a harmony between the two that would impress the likes of Tony Messina or Gordon Ramsey.

As one satisfied client of the hospitality expert said: “There’s a lot of consultants out there, but I would recommend Jason every time because he’s got that special something.”

Jason will work with you and use the vision you have for your restaurant as inspiration to formulate enticing menu items. He can also craft a beer and wine list to go with the season as well as the palate of the local clientele.

Dining out is a full-sensory experience, which is why Avery Restaurant Consulting values an aesthetically pleasing plate when it is set in front of a customer. Small details go a long way for your customers but can be frustrating to your cooks, who are often pressed for time. With both in mind, Jason can design a menu that produces great-looking platters and which won’t slow down the kitchen.

Anybody who’s worked in the industry knows what the dinner rush is. For employees and managers, it can be an especially stressful phase of the night, but Avery Restaurant Consulting can put procedures in place to help alleviate the pressure. Also, by working one-on-one with staff, Jason will teach employees how not only to handle these situations but thrive in them as well.

A staff member who worked with Jason said: “Jason helped me become more personal with customers. It was a skill worth learning.”

Visit and see what magic the Avery Restaurant Consulting team can whip up for you.

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